3 Day Intention + Goal Setting Flow
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During this Free 3-Day Intention + Goal Setting Flow, we will:

>> Ground down your thoughts and choose where to get focused

>> Learn a helpful process to get more specific 

>> Create a desired + inspired action plan to move yourself forward

This three day mini-course will be delivered by email, you'll receive "focus-sheets" to implement the daily activities, there's also an online facebook group for you to share your daily actions (to get you into the flow + for support and accountability). 

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Intention + Goal Setting Flow
*free* 3 Day Group

Let's create more desired FLOW with your goals in your life.

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Nicole Marie

Nicole Marie is a Career and Life Wellness Coach + the love and inspiration behind the Naturalita. With a background in Human Resource Management paired with her experience as an Internationally Certified Health Coach and Business Mentor, Nicole helps women take desired + inspired action in their life, wellness, career & the world.

This might look like creating a focused wellness foundation, connecting with a career or business that brings them joy and/or open up their hearts to exploring their wanderlust in life and the world.

Desire to more forward on your personal journey?

Nicole guides women through 1:1 coaching, connective group coaching programs, in person and online workshops, retreats/playcations, and personally created online programs.