Five Things I LOVED About Staying in a Treehouse

Five Things I LOVED About Staying in a Treehouse

Five Things I LOVED About Staying in a Treehouse – Doe Bay, Orcas Island

Have you ever stayed in a treehouse?

I have!  I had a lovely opportunity to stay in the Doe Bay treehouse while on my Naturalita Solita “Playcation” on Orcas Island. I received (or maybe manifested) an opportunity to receive a brand new loaner vehicle (a fully loaded 2016 GMC Terrain Denali) to test out and play with for 7 days, so I thought, I should book a little “playcation” (fun + last minute + solo + play filled vacation).

In planning and looking for things to do, I came across Doe Bay Resort & Retreat. It is located on Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands.  They are located northwest of Washington state. As I was searching for cabins, up popped a TREEHOUSE!  I checked on the availability and they had 2 nights available that worked during my scheduled Naturalita Solita Playcation, so I worked with the amazing Doe Bay staff and booked it!

It was quite an experience! Definitely a Naturalita style and approved trip!

FIVE Things I Loved About Staying in the Doe Bay Treehouse

Treehouse Views!

>>Connecting with Nature.  This was my first time in a treehouse. In fact, I’ve wanted to stay in one for for a while, so I am in awe that this actually was my reality. I knew I needed to plan a little playcation adventure and wasn’t sure how it would unfold, but I knew it needed to include being outdoors, in a remote location and a new place.

To get to Orcas Island (which is still Washington state), you take a ferry out of Anacortes, Washington. Once you arrive on the island at the ferry terminal, to reach Doe Bay Resort, you drive to the opposite side of the island through the beautiful fall trees, curving roads, along the water and into this sacred little spot nestled right in Doe Bay.  I checked in and was given my key and a map to my new hideout! The treehouse was hidden behind a couple of cabins and I was completely surrounded by nature within the trees.

As soon as I got closer to Doe Bay, I saw a mother doe with her two twin fawns; I felt they followed me around right up to the treehouse. It was quite magical. Every time I left the treehouse, they were in sight, as if they were guiding and protecting me on my little Naturalita Solita journey.

I love being able to see trees, water and the beauty of nature from wherever I am. Every single window in the treehouse showed a unique view of nature and that natural warmth was definitely felt within.

Deer with Twins

Doe with Twins!
Doe with her twins!
  • What can you do to connect with nature where you live?

>>Disconnecting to Reconnect.  Since I was surrounded by nature in a remote place with no cell phone service and little internet, I was able to disconnect from *almost* everything. For me, it’s important to disconnect from daily distractions to be able to reconnect within to what I truly want and desire in life and to connect with what brings me joy and makes me feel energized.

Being on a solo (solita) journey, I was able to create my own schedule, choose how I wanted to start my day, adventure out to take pictures, breathe in the fresh air, select if I wanted to hang out in the treehouse or head out to connect with others. The people I met on my little trip were definitely kindred spirits and I know I was meant to connect with them on this little journey.

  • What helps you disconnect to reconnect within?  How often do you take time to do this for yourself?
Disconnect to Reconnect
Disconnect to Reconnect


>>Enjoying Quiet Time to Get Creative and Play. Since I had no schedule and was disconnected from everything, it allowed me to do some of the things I love to do, one of which is taking pictures and the other exploring on foot. The resort area is rustic and secluded, so I toured around with my camera and a water bottle with no time limit or true agenda. (FYI, I made sure there were no bears on the island.)

I also created time to do some “PiYo Play” on the HUGE treehouse deck to warm up (it was a bit chilly) and just workout in a new and fun place surrounded by nature! (I think I’m the first one to do PiYo on the treehouse deck.) PiYo is lovely as you can truly do it anywhere.  If you are curious to learn more, please let me know.  (I run health and fitness challenges online with PiYo!)

When I have time to sit down, like on this trip, I like to have a journal with colorful pens and write out random thoughts, reflections and goals. I also cuddled up in a blanket with a couple books with some little space heaters pointed directly at me! (There’s not heat or bathrooms in the treehouse, but they have mini heaters you can plug in and a lot of blankets!  Bathrooms are located about a 5 minute walk away.) I brainstormed what I desired MORE of in my life. Abundance.

Have fun and PLAY!

  • What can you do to get creative and play?

>Feeling Remote yet Close to Home.  It’s energizing to get out of your daily routine and explore the areas around you, as well as connect with new people. Orcas Island is only a couple hours drive and a couple ferry rides away from where I live in Washington.  (If flying into Seattle, it is a couple hour drive and a ferry ride away.) It could definitely be a long weekend trip if you live close and definitely a full week trip if you live farther away; I feel blessed to live so close to such beauty.

Doe Bay Resort has a little store and a cafe on site, so if you need anything to snack on or amenities (they have a lot of gluten free, dairy free, kombucha and healthy foods in their store) it’s right there!  They also have a cafe onsite that is open certain days of the week, depending on the season. Plus, there’s a cute little natural Food Co-Op and healthy restaurants in Eastsound (a little downtown-ish area), which is about a 20 minute drive away. There was a little fridge in the treehouse, as well as a community kitchen on the grounds where you could cook, if needed.  Many of the cabins have kitchens or kitchenettes; however, not the treehouse.  I brought a lot of my own food with me for this trip, but did check out the store, food co-op and local eateries since their cafe was closed when I was there.

I felt at home in the treehouse, like it was my home away from home.  Have you ever had that feeling where you feel completely at ease and relaxed when staying somewhere?  I honestly didn’t want to leave the treehouse as it felt natural for me to be there, almost like I had been there before.  It felt familiar.  That’s not a feeling that comes easily for me having moved a lot of my life.

Comfy treehouse living room

HUGE deck for fun and PiYo!

  • Where can you go that’s close to home to have your own playcation?

>Waking Up Refreshed and with a View.  This past year, since leaving my full time job in human resources to focus on doing what I love, it has been time for me to focus on sleeping, relaxing and just being me while doing what I love and creating more in my business AND life. Life wasn’t always like this.

You would think sleeping 8 hours a night would be something everyone would love to do more of, but for the longest time I felt guilty for being able to sleep 8 hours a night. I KNOW I need it, it’s super important. It’s done wonders for my health and my sanity, so I kept up with that healthy habit while on my playcation.

Being on vacation, I wanted to do so much, as the time there was short, but I listened to my body, relaxed and enjoyed every minute. I actually went to bed pretty late each night, as I was up writing, connecting with new friends or reading, but when it was time for me to climb up in my little loft to sleep, I was able to sleep like a baby. Each morning, I was greeted by the sun on my face and the view of the trees peeking through the windows. I could also see the fog on the water in the bay through the window.

Beautiful nature views!

Imagine waking up to a view like that or similar every morning.  I desire this.  I always thought I wanted to live in the city; I grew up in the country, too!  Now I know that I want a place with a lovely view of the water, mountains and nature.  Fortunately, I live in a place where this is possible.  I’ve set that intention.

Each morning I woke up refreshed, got in 8-9 hours of relaxed sleep and started my day slowly and with complete gratitude.  Every day should be like this and that is what I am working toward now, the key for me is without guilt. I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to reflect on where I’m at in my life as well as be fully present while on my Naturalita Solita trip.

Up in the loft!  Would you sleep here?

  • Do you wake up refreshed each morning and start your day with ease?

I’ve shared my 5 favorite things with curious questions for you to create your own “playcation” experience for YOU.  While I loved the treehouse and I’ll definitely go back (I want to plan a retreat at Doe Bay), my hope is that you’ll create your own “Treehouse Playcation,” even if you’re not close to Orcas Island and don’t have a treehouse near you.

If you want to take your own solo (solita) trip somewhere new to connect with nature, disconnect to connect with yourself, get creative and play, go off the grid, and wake up refreshed, plan it out NOW!  You could even choose to do this in your own home or hometown, but, of course, I highly recommend getting out and taking your own Naturalita Solita Playcation for you.  Make it an adventure!


Nicole Treehouse FUN - PiYo Play!

When will you take your own Naturalita Solita Playcation?  Where would you like to go?  Do you want to go alone or with some girlfriends?

Please leave a comment below with where you would like to go and when!  Dream BIG and do it! It will truly ignite your spirit in more ways than you know.

If you have any fun places close to you that you would like to recommend to me, please let me know in the comments section!  I love to travel and explore and am looking for places to host some health and wellness retreats in 2016/2017.

If you are interested in staying at Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island, Washington, you can contact them directly on their website to get more info as well as book your choice of cabins or the treehouse.  There is A LOT to do at the Doe Bay Resort, I just covered the treehouse in this article.

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