5 Tips to Tame the Halloween Sugar Beast!

5 Tips to Tame the Halloween Sugar Beast!

5 Tips to Tame the Halloween Sugar Beast

Halloween is this weekend.  If you have your bags of bite sized treats ready for all of those tricksters, it’s important to plan ahead!  If you KNOW that you are prone to sugar overload, this is for YOU!

Here are some simple steps to help tame that Halloween Sugar Beast!

1. Eat a Healthy Pre-Halloween Meal:  Your body is pretty smart, if you listen to it!  Plan healthy (balanced) sit-down meals for Halloween and on the days after Halloween.  When your body is properly nourished with real whole foods, the less you will be craving the “crap” and won’t over “treat”.  “Crowd out” those sugar craving with healthier options.  Listen to your body.

2. Upgrade your Treats:  Do you look at the ingredients in the candy you have at home or are handing out?  Sure, they are bite sized, but that doesn’t mean your body will be nourished by those bites.  If you wouldn’t eat it, why would you give it out to others?  Upgrade what you are putting into your body and opt for healthier options.  Share the wealth of health and do the same for others.

3. Choose your Treat:  Chances are once you open the sugar floodgates of bite-sized sugar bombs, it will be hard to stop.  Choose ONE.  Go in with the intention of choosing ONE and choose wisely.  Have your “hydration station” ready and drink some water after to clear the palate.   Just because it is there does not mean you have to eat it.

4. Stop, Breath, Analyze (SBA):  Stop, take a couple of deep breaths and analyze if your body actually wants a treat or if you are feeling stressed, lonely, sad or just on a sugar binge.   Slowing down and recognizing what you are putting into your body is a great way to check in with yourself.  You may love Kit Kats, but your body does not need that for nourishment.  Go back to #1.  Did you have a healthy meal first?  Or #2 – Can you make your own healthier version? Or #3 is this REALLY the treat you want to eat?

5. Stay Active:  I don’t mean work out all morning or the next day to negate the calories.  That’s silly.  Go out for a walk and watch the trick or treaters, take in the fresh air, ambiance and company of others.  It’s truly not all about the candy.  Leave it alone; find another activity to keep your mind and body nourished – it works way better than sugar.

If you know anyone that could benefit from these tips, please feel free to share this article with them! These are NOT just for Halloween. 

Sugar cravings are a hard cycle to break.  Trust me, I have been known to devour A LOT of Halloween treats (and not only on Halloween) due to crazy sugar addictions.  Thankfully, that is in the past now.  I figured out what works for me and some of these tips were very helpful in getting over my strong sugar cravings.

I hope you have a healthy and safe Halloween!

If you do something fun and healthy for Halloween that you feel would be helpful for others, please share in the comments below.  Sharing is caring!


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