50+ Ideas for your Spring Love List

50+ Ideas for your Spring Love List

What do you love about Spring?

Nature shows and teaches us how to embrace change through the seasons. Just as Mother Nature changes to adapt to the climate through the seasons, it's important for us to both embrace and create change in our lives with the seasons. We have our own individual seasons in life, so why not create a mini bucket list (what I call a "love list") with each season.

For me, Spring is a time for renewal, birth, blossoming and freshness. Outside I see flowers and trees blossoming, new baby animals, green grass, and a certain fresh crispness in the air. Nature is the greatest teacher.

Taking the nudge from nature, we too can create some fresh change and blossom forward on our own individual journeys. That stated, for me, adventure and exploration are helpful to flow into both a new season, but also a new feeling and freshness in life.

What are some adventures, big or small, that you would love to add to your "Spring Love List"? 

I've shared 50+ ideas below, many are things that are on my own personal "Spring Love List." I feel it’s important to create your own love list as we enter each season; the changes in nature's seasons are a great reminder or nudge to do so (you can also do this at any individual "season" in your life).

Spring Love List Ideas

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Which of these will you add to your Spring Love List?

Please share in the comments below which ones you LOVE or share what you would love to do.

I would highly recommend making your own list of 50+ things OR at least start with 10-15 to give yourself something to work with and EXCITE you to embrace a little love-fueled change and fun this Spring. You can start anytime! Choose five that you want to incorporate this month and schedule them into your calendar. Maybe invite a friend to join you!

Want some more ideas? I've created both a Summer Love List and a Fall Love List; some of those might resonate with you a little more (depending on where you're at in the world).

Alright, I would love to see your Spring Love List activities in action, feel free to tag me on facebook or use #naturalitalovelist on Instagram

If you know anyone that could benefit from these Spring Love List ideas or might desire some inspiration to create their own, please share.

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