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Natural + ita

“Natural”: simplicity, freedom from artificiality, unprocessed, untouched, real, physically free, no constraints

“~ita”: Spanish diminutive suffix meaning: little, friendly, positive, endearing, charming


A unique  journey to a positive, healthy and naturally inspired life.


The Naturalita Journey is health and life wellness coaching to help YOU improve your health, life and overall happiness.

The more “Naturalita” you live your life with natural, whole and unprocessed foods while connecting with your personal values and priorities, the easier it is to create a healthy, engaged, freedom inspired and balanced life.

Your body is meant to heal itself naturally, so by giving it the “Naturalita Nourishment” it craves, your body will thrive and your life will follow.

Your health is the foundation to your greatness. You are meant to SHINE.

I partner with health seeking women to create a more “Naturalita” life. We develop inspired goals, create a strong holistic health focused foundation for their personal journey, transform their health and create the energized and adventurous life they love.


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