Believe in Your Dreams

Believe in Your Dreams

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

I’m a big dreamer, but the believing part can be difficult at times. I have the tendency to put my belief in others and their capabilities before believing in myself.

This just hit home recently on my trip to Colorado.  I know I struggle in this area, but getting grounded in nature and reflecting a little bit helped me see a larger Naturalita inspired picture.

I have big goals, I’m fully capable of achieving them, so why am I not there?

I put a lot of time and effort into helping others; why not myself?  Are they connected?

The answer? My belief and trust in myself is not consistent. The comparison factor and what others think of me sets in and I allow it to bring me down.  I take full responsibility.

I feel the need to turn the tides, disrupt my natural tendency and flow to believe in myself and my abilities consistently.

The more consistent you are in pursuing what you want in life, the more forward positive progress you will achieve to create your dreams.

Dream + Believe = Achieve

This canyon was not formed in a day. The river never stopped, she may have had high and low points, strong and weak days, but she didn’t stop.  She didn’t quit.  She has pushed both large and small “obstacles” out of the way with her natural energy and support from outside “help.”  There were many obstacles to overcome, but she kept pushing through and going with her own flow. It didn’t happen overnight and along the way she made many changes in direction, flow, and energy.  The achievement? Natural Beauty.  It took her billions of years to build this amazing canyon.  Nature provides great life lessons.  She is an amazing teacher.

Don’t stop believing in what you want.  Start shifting your energy to believing in YOU and your capabilities.  I’m not going to stop believing in what I dream to achieve. I’m just going to do it more consistently with a stronger belief in myself.

Believe in your dreams.  Start NOW.

Will you start putting more natural energy into believing in YOU?

Please share with others that could use some extra inspiration and a PUSH to believe in themselves.

Keep shining,


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