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The Naturalita Clean Eating Journey:

Eat healthy, gain more energy, and create consistent habits in 28 days (or less)!

Receive coaching from a Certified Holistic Health Coach!


BODY CHECK!!  If you were to listen to your body, what would it say?

    Blah…Ugh – “ My life is so boring and dull.” or “I need to change something…”
    Tired – “I’m craving sugar all of the time…I NEED more energy”
    Bloated – “I’m wearing my comfy pants today – again.”
    Drained of Energy – “I just want to take another nap. I MUST get more sleep”
    Moody – “I’m so annoyed…” or “Leave me alone!”
    Sick – “Why am I always getting sick?” or “I’m sick of this funk!”
    Unmotivated – “I don’t want to do anything…
    SUGAR is my best friend – “I just want sugar, chocolate, dessert…”
    or any other negative or stress reflected comment  FOOD AFFECTS YOUR MOOD!


Would your BODY LOVE to:

    Gain more natural energy?
    Feel AMAZING?
    Eat clean, pure and natural foods? (gluten free + dairy free eating)
    Learn ways to improve your already healthy diet? {Always room to upgrade!}
    Develop a better body image?
    Be motivated to make some personal changes?
    Receive support in making positive food and life choices?
    Achieve a positive body change?
    Get on a path for a lifetime of success?
    Learn some new and easy recipes?
    Receive a structured and practical nutrition basics education?
    Change its metabolism?
    Create healthy habits that stick?
    Get educated on some powerful superfoods?


If you answered YES to ANY (or ALL) of these questions, The Naturalita Clean Eating Journey is your next step!

Here is a preview of your 4 week jumpstart:

Week 1: What is Eating Clean?

Learn my methods and tips to eating clean - consistently. Upgrade your food choices. Set goals and intentions for YOU. Connect with others on the same journey. Prep and get focused for our optional cleanse and 14 days of eating clean.

Week 2: Cleanse Time + Clean Eating

Three day easy cleanse (optional) followed by clean healthy eating. Focus on adding in new foods, increasing your natural energy; receive “clean” healthy recipes + holistic health info. Learn helpful tips on eating for energy {+more}.

Week 3: Nut4Basics + Continuing the Journey

Basic nutrition to help you understand the “why” of eating healthy {plus handouts to create your own healthy YOU resource guide}. We will discuss the importance of: greens, grains, protein, fiber, carbs, fats, hydration, superfoods + more. We are going to BUST some MYTHS and learn what you need to create more balance in your body and your life.

Week 4: Food Reintroduction + Lifestyle Maintenance

Slowly reintroduce foods into your diet and see how your body “likes” them. Create an individual action plan and learn lifestyle tips to keep the habits you develop as your lifestyle, not a “once in a while fad”. We will check in on your original goals and set new goals to help keep your habits strong.

“I make healthy eating my lifestyle; my healthstyle.
I don't make healthy eating an option; it's my naturalita choice."

~Nicole Marie

It's much more than clean eating...
It's a step toward a positive lifestyle change.

Let's get your HEALTHSTYLE on!

What else is included in the Naturalita Clean Eating Journey?

    Tools that give the HOW and WHY to eating cleaner and healthier
    Personal Goals and Intention Setting {+ coach feedback & accountability}
    Helpful handouts to create your own personal nutrition journal
    Tips to upgrade your diet (even if you are already a healthy eater)
    3 day Gentle Cleanse, PLUS a 14+ day Clean Eating Challenge (with meal options + nutritional supplement*- gluten and dairy free eating)
    Lifestyle tips and suggestions to create your own healthstyle habits
    Four weekly calls** with helpful information and guidance
    Weekly motivation and support emails + inspiration
    Time to focus on YOU and your goals with a certified health coach!
    Private Facebook Support Group: Online private accountability & support group (offered two times per year)

Make a Choice to take a Chance to create CHANGE in your life.

The next Clean Eating Journey is in the Fall of 2016. Contact me here to be notified when it is open for registration.

You are never too YOUNG or OLD to make a positive change!

Positive Guidance + Motivational Support + Easy Tools + a Structured (and fun) Journey will help YOU CREATE the CHANGE YOU DESIRE.

Take this journey; your body will thank you.

I look forward to guiding you on this positive + healthy life journey!

*High quality super food shake is an additional cost. (This is a high quality superfood protein shake- Shakeology (whey or vegan options available - both are gluten free). It can be used for a meal replacement, post workout recovery, and/or high quality snacks. I’ve tried a lot of shakes/protein formulas and this one is AMAZING. Prices are $129.95 for 30 servings and it is 100% guaranteed. (If you don’t like it you can get your money back, even if the bag is empty!)
Want to join the Clean Eating Journey, but not sure about the Total Wellness Superfood shake this time? If you are interested in the Clean Eating Journey but not Shakeology, contact me directly and we can chat about your personal options.
**Calls will be recorded.

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