Do You Love Your Job? Four Questions For You to Answer.

Do You Love Your Job?  Four Questions For You to Answer.

QUESTION: Do you LOVE your job?

“Turning your passion into your job is easier than finding a job that matches your passion.” ~Seth Godin

Do you agree with the statement above?  I do, in some ways, but it depends on how you look at it.  It can happen, but I firmly believe it’s a journey to truly discover what you are passionate about and having a variety of jobs throughout your career can help you determine some of your passions.

Below are four questions to help you determine how you can figure out what you are passionate about (enjoy) within your current job and create a future job or path of your dreams.

1.How do your passions fit into your job?

We spend a lot of time within our jobs and it’s important to switch the focus to learning why they are a part of our journey and how even a job you *dislike* can bring out the best in you or help you determine more of what you DESIRE in your life (and what you don’t, but let’s focus on the positive.)

I believe that if you recognize what you are passionate about in your current job(s), it will help you connect with where you want to go in the next step of your own personal journey.

I have had many jobs and some I have liked WAY more than others. Yet, I have found when I was working at a job-job (for someone else), I was never the best version of me, I never felt fully connected, something was always missing.  However, in EVERY job I’ve had, I’ve learned more and more of what I want and didn’t want in my life.  (The majority of my career was spent working in Human Resources, so this topic is something that I have helped many people with over the years; I’ve also learned a lot from my many part time jobs, too.)

2. What do you like most about your job?

Positive focus.  You have to like something about it if you are still there.  If the only reason is getting PAID, then I challenge you to dig a little deeper.  Brainstorm a list of 10-20 things you like about your current and past jobs.

The things I like most from all of my past jobs were connecting with people, learning how others think, helping someone else achieve, learn or earn something, inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves, work travel, helping people get a job, making job offers, meeting new people, attending personal development conferences and trainings, earning certifications, and/or creating new program(s)…to start.

One thing I feel VERY fortunate about, and have realized by looking back, is that I have been able to combine all of my passions (from the list above) into what I am doing now. My Naturalita coaching, coaching IIN students, creating Team SHINE and growing a team of amazing like minded heart centered coaches and entrepreneurs – all of this fits perfectly with what I am passionate about. It’s honestly hard to call it a job at times, so let’s not call it my job, let’s call it my…calling?!?

Lead with your heart and the rest will follow.  

3. What do you desire in your ideal JOB?

Are looking for a new job or a journey into something totally new?  I HIGHLY recommend you create an Inspiring Job List (or Ideal Job List – you name it).

Get out your journal, a notebook or a scratch sheet of paper and a pen.  Write out everything POSITIVE that you desire in your next job, career path or your own business.  Write it ALL down.  Set that intention into the universe.  Life is too short to settle and by writing it out and getting it out of your head, you are sending your intentions and desires out into the universe. Don’t believe in that?  Write it down anyway.

It might take time, it might happen quickly, but even if it is goes slowly, you are still taking small positive steps forward in the direction of your unique journey. I do a variety of things and I am sure more variety and change will happen, but as long as I know what I love and my WHY for doing what I love are connected, it will keep me moving forward. I’ve explored a variety of options and paths…and all of those have added to this life journey and helped me create my business around what I love and my passions.

If you are not in LOVE with your job, shift your focus and find what you LOVE about it, create your Inspiring Job List NOW and take some small steps to move YOU forward.  You are the only on that can change this.  Staying in a job you dislike isn’t moving your forward.

4. What does your ideal JOB look like?  What is your dream job or career?  

There is something out there for you, but you have to figure out what you want or figure out how to create it in your life.  It won’t necessarily happen overnight, but deciding to take a small step forward can only help you. Answer the four questions above to get you started.

Write it ALL out.  

Live What You Love. (But you have to figure it out first.)

Please share what comes up for YOU in the comments below, I would love to see them.  You can also share with me here.  Sharing is caring…and proof you want to make a positive change.

 xoxo Nicole Marie

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