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Holistic Intention Setting: 
Flow into the New Year
Next Group >>> Fall 2018

How do you desire to FLOW into the new year?

Focused. Confident. Abundant. >>> Insert *your word* here <<<

If you’re looking to get more focused and set some meaningful personal goals and intentions without procrastination while gaining clarity around your journey in the new year, I’m leading a four week Holistic Intention Setting Flow group in Fall 2018. (Obviously, you're invited to join.)

This group is for anyone that desires to truly make a change in her life and is READY to move into action mode and get out of feeling stuck, unfulfilled and discouraged and start FLOWING into motivation, inspiration, and joy NOW.

As we're flowing into the new year, it’s beneficial to create a flexible little guide for yourself, but also an inspired action plan (that works for you) to stay consistent in moving yourself forward on both a personal and/or professional level (and one that feels aligned).

>>> We're NOT going to wait to get started until January 1st. The truth is, you don't have to wait until a new year to start creating inspired goals, taking action, and feeling more excited about your own life journey. ( I prefer the word journey over "plan".)

Ready, set, focus! YES, I'm ready!
If you want to sign up now, you can do so here.

(If you want to learn more, please read below.)

We'll FLOW into the following areas over the four weeks.

The best part is you get to choose what resonates with you and where you desire to take inspired action. I'll share some helpful activities, but this group is not a "check this off" or "do x to get y"... it's to get you inspired and motivated to ground down your thoughts and goals and start achieving them.

Some of this might change as we flow into the group, but here's a little idea.

Week 1 >>> Get Grounded

Ground down your thoughts, ideas and what's been on your heart.
Whatever you desire to do, have or be, I'm going to have you ground down your thoughts and share them in a SAFE place (where you'll be supported). Get them out of your head and into the world.

We'll dive a little deeper into some foundational areas in your life so you can start creating a strong personal life foundation that will support you in your personal journey - whatever direction it takes.

Week 2 >>> Clarify Your Goals

Writing things down is a powerful form of telling the Universe what you desire. Sharing multiplies it. You get to choose the timeframe and the goal or desired actions, I'll share a flexible formula to help you get specific and aligned.

We'll go through some questions and helpful prompts for you to get a little clearer so you can create some related and inspired action steps to move you forward. 

Week 3 >>> Take Inspired Action

Action creates Clarity, Clarity creates Confidence.

This week we'll take action, it could be small steps, large steps - whatever you desire and whatever feels best for you. If you're already taking action, this week will be a great one to circle back in to see if this action is in alignment for you.

Oh, we'll also talk about creating confidence in the areas that are relevant to you and your life.

Week 4 >>> Create + ​Maintain Momentum

Life happens and our ability to flow around it and with it is important. 

We'll look ahead at the first quarter in 2018 and think about what you can start to do now to gain momentum for January, February, and March. We'll see where you can create some space in your life (+calendar) to continue with your desired momentum.

This doesn't cover it all, but one thing to remember is that you'll be SUPPORTED.

If you're willing to show up and take action, you'll receive support.

Confidence is created by taking action - imperfect action.

We learn by doing - by taking imperfect, inspired action (not hiding behind our computers wishing and waiting for everything to fall into our laps or perfectly into place).

>>> This is your opportunity to get focused while receiving support and accountability AND join others who are also creating positive momentum in their lives.

Are YOU Ready? >>> YES <<<

Indecision is torture, deciding is freedom.
If you know you’re ready for some love-filled support AND taking inspired action to FLOW through the year, the next group opens Spring 2018.

>>> Your one-time investment is: $111. (Yes, that's it.) <<<

Helpful Tools, Inspired Action Activities, Support, Guidance, Small Private Group, Weekly Q&A, Focus Sheets, Momentum Towards your Journey, Gaining Confidence...

(This is the lowest I’ve ever offered an online coaching group. I'm feeling inspired + generous.)

If you know you’re a YES, you can sign up and invest in full below.

Next group starts in Fall 2018 >>> Watch for more information!

Details + Dates:

It’ll be a small, intimate online four week group. 

The group is all online with weekly fun focus sheets, inspired action flows, weekly emails (with info and reminders/check ins), private Facebook group for additional support, weekly Q&A, plus support in the Facebook group and weekly during my office hours.

Dates: The next group will open in Fall of 2018 on a Monday. I'll send out a welcome email within 24 hours of signing up!

If it’s something you KNOW you'll find beneficial for you right now, please listen to your heart.
If you have some uncertainty and questions, please send me a message and I'll do my best to answer them.

I’m excited to support this little intimate group of women to see them FLOW into the new year. The time will pass anyway, so why not say YES?

Are you ready to FLOW through your year?

Join Below.

Holistic Intention Setting Flow >>>

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Next group opens in Fall 2018