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Monthly Online Health and Wellness Groups

Nutrition + Fitness + Support = Success

Let’s work together to improve your healthy foundation.  When you join an online health, wellness, fitness and clean eating group, you will create more focus on achieving the healthy life you want now.  The positive community is a great source of inspiration and support!

In my monthly online health and wellness group programs, I use my Integrative Nutrition holistic health based coaching to help you create positive changes while using Beachbody fitness programs and nutritional supplements as a tool to get you started and keep you committed to your goals. I will help you choose the program best for you and provide you my personal coach link to order the program of your choice.

Healthy Confident YOU – Monthly Program

In this 28 day online program, we will focus on daily fitness (beginner to advanced programs available), healthy eating, weekly goal setting, and focus on developing consistent healthy habits to create more focus on your healthy life journey.  We will also start our days with a positive mindset and aim to increase your confidence in your health, body and life.

Enjoy staying active, eating healthy and adding in more positive focus and confidence while not depriving yourself of what you love doing!

We will train with a plan and eat with a purpose.  You will meet other like-minded women across the country to inspire you and to keep you focused and committed to your goals.

We start by choosing the best program to fit your personal goals (workouts are done from home), you will receive a nutrition guide with simple and healthy recipes and be part of an online private daily accountability group.  I will also provide some of my tips for creating a positive and more confident mindset! Send me a note see when the next group starts!

Investment in YOU: $160-205 varies with “Challenge Pack Program” or “All Access Challenge Pack” (highly recommended) choices. More details below.

It's your time!

Naturalita 21 Days to a Healthier YOU  (All Levels)

Make positive and focused progress in 21 days!  With daily 30 minute workouts, a healthy focus on your nutrition using a super simple and effective portion control system, you will create strong and consistent healthy eating habits that will transform the way you think of food and healthy eating.  This is a great program to get an extreme focus on nutrition and portion control, increase your strength and endurance and create consistent healthy habits.

If you want to lose 1-100+ pounds or if you are looking to tone up and gain energy, I feel this program is the foundation for anyone at ANY level.  This nutrition plan and portion control system can be used with any fitness program after you have completed the first 21 days.  Many repeat for 2-10+ rounds!

Investment in YOU: $160-$199 for the entire Challenge Pack (details below)

*For this program the 21 Day Fix or 21 day Fix Extreme or better yet, the All Access Challenge Pack is recommended to get you started.  You can choose another program, but I recommend this program to start to set your nutrition and fitness foundation.  Both of these programs are on sale in February. (Must purchase a challenge pack to join in the group as that is your key to success!)

How do I get started?

Sign up and order a “Challenge Pack” to start!

Challenge Packs include:

Healthy Eating Guidance:

    Recipes, nutrition guide and guidance on how much to eat for your body.  We also discuss healthy meal prep, cabinet clean out and ways to help you stick to your goals in our online group.

Daily Fitness and Workout Guidance:

    I help you choose an at-home fitness program that best fits your workout style and preferences. There’s no commute since you’re working out from home or your favorite place. You will also have access to Beachbody on Demand (BOD) to take your workouts with you wherever you go. Upgrade to All Access BOD to receive online access to all Beachbody workout programs.

Workout Calendar:

    Your workouts are structured for you to receive effective results while working from home.  Each program comes with a specific calendar.  You commit to a time and don’t need to guess what workout to do the next day.

Daily Nutrition:

All natural superfood wellness shake, Shakeology is provided to help with nutrient absorption, weight loss, increased energy and control unhealthy cravings.  It comes in whey and vegan protein and over 70+ natural superfood ingredients.

Private Accountability Group:

    We work as a team and create a community of positive support and guidance with others working toward similar goals.  The online private facebook community is one of my favorite parts!

Daily Coaching and Support (Online):

    Coach Nicole is available for questions and assistance as well as provides daily group guidance during your program in our online private facebook group.

Weekly Goal Setting:

    We set goals weekly to keep you focused and moving forward to achieving your personal health goals and releasing your personal health frustrations.

Positive Motivation & Inspiration:

    Being a part of a positive team and community inspires you to be a better person as well as keeps you engaged in your personal path to health and wellness.

Questions on which program is right for you? Please contact Nicole.

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