Healthy Confident YOU

Healthy Confident YOU

If I look back at my life about 10 years ago, heck, even 5 years ago, my life was a little messed up.  In some ways I seemed confident and healthy and in many ways I was NOT.

Was I eating healthy?  YES.

Was I working out consistently?  YES.

Was I obsessive about both of those?  YES.

Was that healthy? NOPE.

Was I avoiding other things in life to focus on those things?  YES.

Ugh.  That sucks to admit now, but I firmly believe that my MESS is my MESSAGE.

I was using exercise and my “healthy” eating habits as a way to control my life. I personally thought if I was skinnier and worked out more,  I would love myself more and be more confident and others would love me more.  (I was also single at the time.)  Eating healthy and moving your body are helpful to help you improve your confidence, but not being overly obsessed with it. You have to LOVE yourself first.

Everything is connected to self love.  No, self love is not selfish.  There is a difference.

self-love – noun
  1. regard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).
selfish  – adjective
  1. (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.

The fact that I was controlling my food, counting calories and working out to just burn calories was not an act of self love.  Yes, I was taking care of my body, but looking back, it seems as if I was avoiding my own personal self love – which is not as easily seen on the outside.

How was restricting my food intake, overworking my body, hiding out from friends and family and avoiding to do the things that I enjoyed an act of self love?  It wasn’t.  It was selfish, not self love.

What truly helped me make a change in my mindset and my life was taking time to focus on personal development and exploring more of the world around me.  Reading and listening to books, taking classes, dabbling in other foreign languages, connecting with friends, traveling the world, meeting new people, getting a dog, volunteering, spending time alone, journaling, taking cooking classes, and doing more of the things that I loved OUTSIDE of fitness and healthy eating is when I found my balance with fitness and nutrition and learned to love the uniqueness of ME, Nicole Marie, and increase my self love.

You see, even though my interest in health, fitness and wellness started with an unhealthy relationship, I had to take my own journey, trust the process, and relearn to love myself.   In turn, I created a healthier relationship in those areas of my life.  I am passionate about holistic health and wellness, I truly love helping others in those areas of their lives.  Your health IS the foundation to living a life you love.

To connect to my WHY, I needed to take a step back and focus on other things in life that brought/bring me joy.

Did I go back to school to be able to help others live a healthier lifestyle?  YES!  If you have read more about my personal story, you may know that my MESS is my MESSAGE.  I have embraced my personal journey and LOVE seeing others embrace theirs.

As I continue to speak with clients, coaches, colleagues, groups and friends more of my WHY keeps coming out.  Those personal stories, thoughts and beliefs that I wanted to hide from everyone have helped me create more self love and more confidence and more appreciation and openness in meeting others where they are at in their own personal journey.

Along my journey I have failed MANY times, but I never quit. (However, I wanted to quit many times.) I never stopped striving to find a way to connect the dots and I continue to create more focus on self love and enjoy each lesson, adventure and the bigger journey along the way.

Are you?  Do you desire to be?
Are you? Do you desire to be?

We all have different journeys in life.  It’s not always related to overexercising and under eating.  It could be overeating and not exercising.  It could be focusing on caring for others and not caring for yourself. It could be the fear of failure, feeling stuck, being afraid to make a change, losing someone you love, being judged, believing you don’t deserve to be happy, healthy, loved or successful.

Wherever you are at in your journey, embrace it and create a commitment to yourself to put your self love first.  It is not selfish.  Self love is the key to help you SHINE brighter in all areas of your life.  Only you can practice self love.  Others can love you, but they will love you even more once you love yourself first.

How does this message resonate with you?  Where are some areas where you can practice more self love?

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Want to get started on your self love and Healthy Confident YOU journey now?

I lead monthly 30 day Healthy Confident YOU online accountability group.  We focus on daily fitness (beginner to advanced programs available), healthy eating, weekly goal setting, and create consistent healthy habits to take you through the rest of your summer.  We will also start our day with a positive mindset and aim to increase your self love and confidence in your health, body and life.  If you are interested in learning more about this group, please contact me (Nicole) or click here for more information.


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