What’s Your Healthy You Plan?

What’s Your Healthy You Plan?

What’s Your Healthy YOU Plan?

Happy New Year! How many times have you heard that phrase so far this year?  

I’ve said “Happy New Year” many times.

Honestly, a bigger, deeper, more meaningful questions that I want to ask YOU is:

What does a “Happy New Year” look like to you?

What do you feel will make your life happy this year?

There are probably about a bazillion different answers that can come out of this question. I hear many people say “I want to be happy”, “I just wish I were happy”, “I’m not sure what makes me happy”, and, well, I guess my next question for YOU is:

What is your definition of HAPPY?  

(Your personal, unique to you explanation that lights you up?)

Your January 2017 Naturalita SHINE + Adventure Guide can be downloaded below. 


If you’re not sure what makes you happy, then definitely take some time to complete this.  It’s free and will only benefit you in positive ways. Print it off and scheduled a little date with your lovely self and ground some thoughts down.  

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I know I have some Naturalita SHINE + Adventure Guide newbies, so to give you a preview, here’s what you’ll find in it and how it will help you create your own individual healthy YOU plan.

  • Create your January SHINE Focus in all of the 5 SHINE areas:
    • Self Love
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Inspiration & Adventure
    • Naturalita Nutrition
    • Exercise & Energy
  • Choose what “adventures” you want to have and enjoy in January.
  • Reflect on your little and big accomplishments in December.
  • Choose your word for the year (if that’s something you want to do).
  • AND… Reflect on what you LOVED about 2016 (yep, the whole year)!

life balance template, free template, SHINE template, SHINE guide, healthy you template

If this is something that calls to you, DO IT.  It’s a simple stepping stone to help you move forward to creating more of what you desire in your life or figuring out what makes you HAPPY (like the new year). <3

What is ONE thing you are focusing on this year for you?

How will you get started on your Healthy YOU plan?

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