Five Healthy Holiday Natural Nutrition Tips

Five Healthy Holiday Natural Nutrition Tips

Five Healthy Holiday Natural Nutrition Tips 

In the month of December, each week I have been sharing more about creating your own individual healthy “Naturalita” SHINE foundation.  There are 5 key areas: {S} is Self Love, {H} is Healthy Relationships, {I} is Inspiration and Adventure, {N} is Natural Nutrition and {E} is Exercise and Energy.  

I believe having a healthy LIFE foundation is important; everything is connected. This week, I am sharing more about Natural Nutrition, the {N} in shiNe.  I’m actually sharing some Natural Nutrition intertwined with some holiday healthy eating tips.

There are ways to stay energized, healthy and focus on natural nutrition (nourishment) over the holidays, the key is being prepared and creating your own healthy action plan.  Create a plan that makes sense for YOU and is not filled with crazy deprivation or guilt.  Also, don’t give up on your personal goals with the “it’s the holidays” excuse.  Your body knows the difference and nourishing it now will keep you healthier well into 2016.

Here are five Healthy Holiday Natural Nutrition Tips.  Implement one, two or all five.  These are not just for the holidays, but for every day in your life and healthier lifestyle journey.

Tip 1

Naturalita Healthy Holiday Tip #1:  

Be Social. Focus on the Connections & Conversation.

Food is a huge connector in our society, we all have to eat, but sometimes we can become a little too obsessive and overindulge or too restrictive and feel deprived.  If you’re just focused on food, that creates an imbalance in not only your relationship with food, but your relationship with others and your own body.

At your social gatherings, focus on the personal connections.  If you are authentically connecting with others at the party, this will keep you less focused on the food and drinks and more connected to those that are present in front of you.

Keep this in mind: It’s a SOCIAL gathering to celebrate and have FUN, so be SOCIAL! 

I like to eat a healthy sit down meal (meaning you are physically sitting down and eating) prior to going to a holiday party. If you fill your body with good healthy food, the less you will crave junk food, and the more balanced and calm you will be going to the gathering.  Don’t skip meals or starve yourself before heading out.  There’s no need to being HANGRY to the party!  

Naturalita ACTION: Plan ahead before holiday parties and nourish your body with healthy food.  How will you focus on SOCIAL time and connections?


Tip 2

Naturalita Healthy Holiday Tip #2:

Aim to be Fulfilled, not Overfilled.

Focus on fulfilling conversations, not overfilling your tummy.

Grab a small plate. Fill up your plate with your upgraded and healthy food choices, don’t starve yourself, and yes, if there is a TREAT that you want and you know you can’t have it somewhere else, put it on your plate. (No restrictions!)

Drinks? Limit yourself! Try alternating a glass of water with a glass of wine. Try sparkling (bubbly) water with a fresh lemon, lime or berries. Upgrade it as much as you can (no, diet soda is not a healthy upgrade). (H2O Hydration – yep, it’s important, even on the holidays.)

Aim to be fulfilled by conversation and connections and not overfilled with junk.  Eat before you go or bring a healthy snack so you aren’t ravenous when you get there, if you do this, your small plate will be enough.

Naturalita ACTION: Think of people that you want to have a fulfilling conversation with. Sit down with your small plate and connect with them more authentically.

Tip 3

Naturalita Healthy Holiday Tip #3:

Upgrade your Favorite Healthy Holiday Foods.

We all have favorite holiday treats that our grandma, mom or aunt make every holiday and they’re hard to resist. As I had mentioned before, don’t restrict, have one if you feel the need. One treat will never harm you, just don’t go overboard and eat the whole tray (and always put it on a small plate).

For example, I used to be a die hard cake fan – my grandma makes the best cake ever. When I had to go gluten free, this was sooo hard as gluten free cakes weren’t the same and are not any healthier. That is when I got into “raw” desserts and started making my homemade macaroons (in picture) and other raw desserts to calm my sugar cravings.  (Drinking Shakeology helps, too!)

Since the desserts I make are raw, they are all natural and unprocessed organic ingredients. They still have natural sugars (organic maple syrup, organic coconut nectar, etc.) and are nutrient dense (full of nutrients) unlike cake which is void of nutrients (empty calories). I bring raw treats to every party I go to and they are always a hit.

It may not be a perfect substitution, but it’s one that’s worked for me, so take some time to find a new healthier recipe or something that works for you. If you’re uncertain, ask in the comments below and maybe we can figure something out together.

Naturalita ACTION: Please search for a healthier version of your favorite holiday treat or food and share the healthier option link in the comments below. If you can’t find one, try to think of ways you can upgrade it if you were to make it on your own.

Tip 4

Healthy Holiday Habit Tip #4:

Eat with Intention.

Choose your foods wisely and don’t deprive yourself, but don’t go “cray cray” either! There will be leftovers and more food. Start with a plan to eat all of the healthier food options first, then smaller amounts of the not as healthy holiday favorites. Limit desserts, enjoy, but don’t overindulge! Remember: Be fulfilled, Not OVERfilled!

Eat a healthy meal before going out; make that part of your plan.

(Even when eating desserts, choose wisely and don’t forget to use the small plate trick. SIT DOWN and eat everything. Savor each bite and let your body digest it before eating more!)

Naturalita ACTION: What are some foods you will intentionally eat before going to a holiday party? What healthy foods will you start with on the buffet or at a holiday dinner?

Tip 5

Naturalita Healthy Holiday Tip #5: 

Stock up on Good Mood Food!

We all LOVE a good mood! This does not mean emotional eating. Emotional or stress eating does not make you feel GOOD in the long term.

Stay clear of sugar when you are drowsy, stressed or down. It won’t help you feel better. Stick to natural, healthy, one ingredient foods to keep up your mood.

STOCK UP and reach for nutrient rich foods that are natural and unprocessed (not packaged) to increase alertness, create steady energy and also a stronger immune system.  Hydration (pure water) helps, too!

When at the grocery store, holiday party, at home or wherever you’re at, look at the food you are putting on your (small) plate, in your cart or basket and in your mouth.  Ask yourself: “Is this is the healthiest version of this food?” Before eating, STOP, BREATHE and ANALYZE to see if it’s truly “good mood food”. 

Naturalita ACTION: What good mood food will you reach for or stock up on?

Which of the above five tips come easiest for you?

Which will you use this week for Christmas?  Please share in the comments below.

It's YOU TIME!Ready to get more focused?  If you liked these tips and want more support and accountability and desire to create new habits for the new year with healthy eating and daily fitness, please send me a message to get more info on my Healthy Confident YOU group that starts in January.  I would love to have you in a group to connect more personally and see you SHINE in all areas of your life.

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