Holistic Intention Setting

Holistic Intention Setting

How do you desire to FLOW through your year?

Confident. Focused. Motivated. (You choose!)

After getting out of college (this was a while ago) and taking my own journey into living a healthier lifestyle, working within my career (and trying to find my place in it) to even starting my business 10 years after college, I noticed that I was always looking to "fix" certain areas of my life. 

When one was "fixed" or I was creating positive progress, my attention would then shift to another area that I felt needed to be "fixed" and it would take away the joy in how I felt in an area of life where I was feeling grateful and happy. It seemed like a never ending cycle. Comparison was always very present. 

When I truly started looking at my whole life (from a holistic perspective) and then choosing areas where I was READY to make positive changes, everything felt more aligned.

Over six years ago, I started to TRULY notice how everything in life was connected. I learned to follow my individual "Naturalita" JOY JOurneY (as I like to call it) and started created my own natural flow or rhythm in life. (This is how I work with others, too.)

When looking back over the past 10-15+ years and even the past couple of years, what was the big change?

I committed myself to life long learning... and life long changes on my own personal journey. Not forced or comparison based changes - individual heart led changes.

This included: Taking inspired action, investing in myself, doing more of the things I loved, experimenting with different types of healthy eating, consistently moving my body in new ways, finding areas where I needed support, hiring coaches, joining coaching programs, attending live seminars and conferences, going back to school (certification programs), traveling the world, seeking out and practicing personal development (books, podcasts, workshops, seminars, staying consistent with my daily fitness and healthy eating routines, etc.). I've invested $25,000 + in training, workshops, programs, systems and education (after college, this is NOT including college). Probably more.

You don't have to do everything at once, but if you have an idea, dream, goal or desire in your heart >>> take some action toward it PLUS know your WHY for wanting to take that action.

Is it going to "fix" you? NO, you're not broken, but if there's something placed in your heart and soul and you know it's meant for you, it's your duty to see what part of your life journey it will lead you to. I personally believe in order to create and maintain momentum it's necessary to look at your life from a holistic perspective FIRST - before moving into "all the things."

If you’re looking to get more focused and set some meaningful personal goals and intentions without procrastination while gaining clarity around your journey in the new year, I’m leading a four week Holistic Intention Setting Flow group this Spring. 

This group is for anyone that desires to truly make a change in her life and is READY to move into action mode and get out of feeling stuck, unfulfilled and discouraged and start FLOWING into motivation, inspiration, and joy NOW.

As we're flowing through the year, it’s beneficial to create a flexible little guide for yourself, but also an inspired action plan (that works for you) to stay consistent in moving yourself forward on both a personal and/or professional level (and one that feels aligned). Be committed to being a lifelong learner.

>>> We're NOT going to wait to get started until January 1st. The truth is, you don't have to wait until a new year to start creating inspired goals, taking action, and feeling more excited about your own life journey. ( I prefer the word journey over "plan".) You can start whenever you desire.

If you're interested in connecting with others on a similar journey, ​you can find more information and join in here.

We'll start by taking a look at all areas in your life to give you a foundation from which to grow and build on in your own individual life. It doesn't matter what goals you want to work on, we'll start with focusing on your overall foundation THEN get into the goal creation flow.

I'll be offering this program LIVE in December and Spring 2018 to give support to the women who are ready to take inspired action, but most importantly the women who decide that they're ready to take a stand for themselves, receive support and create their own unique system and flow into the new year with more confidence and clarity (or however you choose). 

I'll be hosting this group a couple times a year. 
Interested in my next group? Please send me a note.

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