How I Lost Weight on Vacation Without Trying or Caring.

How I Lost Weight on Vacation Without Trying or Caring.

How I Lost Weight on Vacation Without Trying or Caring.

I’m back from #NaturalitaSolita playcation.  I took A LOT of pictures and explored a variety of areas.

I rarely ever weigh myself (my weight does NOT define me…or YOU), but for some reason the other day, I decided to hop on the scale with my running shoes, running clothes, running coat and everything ON as I was feeling a lot lighter.  (No idea why I decided to do it with all of my clothes on.)

Well, I got on the scale and realized that I was a couple pounds under my average weight with clothes on…and I weighed again this morning and was a couple more pounds lighter (with clothes off, obviously).

I don’t weigh myself as I’ve never had a good relationship with the scale, when I was underweight, I wanted to gain weight. After being underweight and gaining weight in healthy way, I struggled with adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid issues which had caused me to gain weight in uncomfortable areas and feel…uncomfortable.  So I just stopped weighing myself a while back and now listen to how my body feels and how my clothes fit.

My feeling is that the healthy habits and a higher focus on self love that I have created and fine-tuned for ME (and practice consistently) all work together in feeling lighter, healthier and more confident in my body.  It can take a while to find what works for you, as we are all different, below, I share what I did on my #NaturalitaSolita playcation that worked for me to enjoy, stay consistent with my healthy habits, indulge and return feeling lighter. (Honestly, I didn’t really realize I was doing these, either, as they all come naturally – NOW.)

Here’s what I did on vacation to stay consistent with my healthy habits (and you can do these now in non-vacation life and BEFORE the holidays):

1.  Healthy Eats Planned Ahead. I packed a lot of healthy travel friendly (gluten free, dairy free,) foods knowing what foods I needed to eat to keep my meals balanced on the road.  I used the meal guide/knowledge that I’m using in the next Naturalita SHINE into a Healthier YOU group (starting Monday, November 2).

Knowing what “colors” and portions I needed while on the road (3 green, 4 red, 2 yellow, 1 blue, 1 orange, 2 purple), I stuck to the same meal and macro balance I do when I am at home (again, without even thinking about it).  I didn’t stick to it specifically, but about 80% of the time and since I have been using the “colors and portions” for awhile, it has been super helpful to plan meals every day and balance out my macronutrients. ( I LOVED finding local dark chocolate to try, probably a little in overabundance (daily), but everything balances out, right?!)  Hydration was also key.  I hydrated A LOT.

Delicious Raw Chocolate
Delicious Raw Chocolate

2.  Daily Exercise is a Ritual.  I look forward to moving my body on vacation, as there are new sites to see and new challenges to find places to move and strengthen my body!  I had a plan of what I would do, brought my yoga mat and did a mix of workouts that included, running, hiking, PiYo, and just exploring around.

Each place I stayed had different places to go and see, as well as different space restrictions so I chose what worked the best for me each day.  I usually have my workouts planned out.  While on vacation, I still exercise and stick to a plan, but more flexible.  I have a lot of travel friendly workout choices since that is part of what I do. (I have many at home or on the road fitness programs to choose from.)

Nicole Treehouse FUN
Treehouse PiYo FUN!

3. Rest is Essential.  I used to think I didn’t need much sleep and that I could stay up late, get up early and fit everything in – that made me “productive”.  Well, that led to Adrenal Fatigue and thyroid issues. Not fun. NOW, sleep is a priority – even on vacation.  Since it was a solo trip, I could choose when I went to bed and got up, but with so much to see, people to connect with, and things to do, it was sometimes hard; however, I made it a priority to get up when my body felt rested. (I realize you may be saying “I wish I could sleep more”, but it’s something to work toward.  It took me years, and yes, I have that flexibility now, but sleep is not a luxury, it is an essential.)  It has also taken me a while to get rid of the guilt of being able to sleep 8+ hours.

My favorite morning views were waking up to these views from my bed in the treehouse and the cottage on the water.

Morning View from Cottage
Morning View From Cottage


Morning View From Treehouse
Morning View From Treehouse


4.  Disconnect to Reconnect. Everything is connected, it’s important to take time to disconnect from technology, get into nature, appreciate the beauty around you and have time just for YOU.  I find connection in writing, journaling, finding inspiration, connecting with nature, moving my body, meeting and connecting with new friends, reading personal development books, hiking and exploring, traveling, exercise, brainstorming goals and planning out my ideal life. It’s important for all of us to disconnect from everything else to connect to who we really are and slow down.  The “busier” you are, the more important it is for you to do this.

Disconnect to Reconnect
Disconnect to Reconnect

5.  Smile from the Heart.  One thing I did a lot on my trip was smile.  I was also sharing #NaturalitaOctoberShine quotes daily from different places I traveled (you can choose your favorite quote here on Instagram using the #NaturalitaOctoberShine).  When I caught myself getting back into the “I should be…” or “I need to…” or “You are not enough…” modes, I would take a deep breath and just smile, DEEP and from the heart.  It’s a daily reminder.


Would you like to create more consistent habits NOW in your daily life?  If so, these are all areas we will be covering and focusing on in my Naturalita SHINE program starting on Monday, November 2.  I still have space for a couple more women who are ready and wanting to join in.

The program is on special through 10/31/15, I recommend joining in by that Halloween if you want to save an additional $.  Otherwise you can still join in through Monday, November 2.  (You can choose from the 21 Day Fix or the 21 Day Fix Extreme (click names for links with more detail and to sign up.)

For more information on what is included in Naturalita SHINE into a Healthier YOU group, you can read my corresponding blog post here:

Naturalita SHINE into a Healthier YOU 

Check it out!  If you are IN (I would love that) the last day to sign up is Saturday, October 31 to get the special sale price.

Curious to learn more?  Have questions?  Please check out more info here or contact me here.

Keep shining and living each day with a full heart and a smile.  I look forward to connecting more this month with you and sharing some insights and my adventures to inspire yu to check out the Pacific Northwest or take a playcation for YOU.

Shining inside-out from my heart,

p.s.  If you have been pondering joining in one of my groups for a while, I would highly recommend joining this Naturalita SHINE into a Healthier YOU group…you’ll get a sneak peek into some things I have planned for the new year as well as get all of the benefits of the 21 Day Fix program.

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