I Don’t Run to Burn Calories…

I Don’t Run to Burn Calories…

I had some strong powerful thoughts and reflection on my run yesterday.

Maybe you can relate.

(But I used to focus on my heart rate monitor/calorie burn like a crazy woman.)

I DON’T RUN to release the guilt of eating “bad food.”
(But I used to feel guilty about eating “treats” and felt the need to out run my “overeating”.)

I DON’T RUN to set a PR, lose weight, tone up or fit into my skinny jeans.

(But I used to have a pretty unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.)

I DON’T RUN on a treadmill.

(I don’t like to be caged up like a hamster.)

Nature is grounding.

I RUN to CONNECT with myself. (It’s my moving meditation.)

I RUN to CONNECT with nature, see the sights, get grounded, breathe in the fresh air and appreciate life.  I RUN to CONNECT with others that are meant to be in my path, like the photographer I met and to hug a random stranger I saw crying that needed extra love and provided me some extra love in return.

I RUN to be FREE. It clears my mind, releases undesirable energy, gets me out of the house and into nature. It calms me. Lita helps with that too!

I RUN because I want to show my body I love it and that I love myself.

I run because I love my body. I workout because I love myself. I eat healthy because I love my body. I choose healthy foods because I love myself. I create time for my health because I DESERVE IT.

Years ago, I worked out because I hated my body, my life and myself.

I counted calories because I hated my body, my life and myself.

I ended up at 90 pounds because I hated my life, my body and myself.

I turned that around by reaching out for support and turning that hate into LOVE in all areas of my life. It didn’t happen overnight, but it’s been the best and hardest journey of my life.

It’s a pretty awesome feeling to have released all of that sh*t from years ago and RUN free, FEEL FREE, BE FREE because I decided to take care of ME.

It’s not just running or working out, it’s also creating a healthier mindset and relationship with yourself.

It’s nourishing your body and taking time to create a healthier YOU. It’s a daily practice.

Some days I SHINE. Some days I struggle. The days I shine far outweigh the struggle.  However, I truly LOVE myself now.  It’s easier to SHINE when I love myself and my life.

Do you SHINE or do you STRUGGLE?

What does your relationship with food and exercise look like?
What does your self love relationship look and feel like?

YOU deserve to live in a healthy and strong body. You deserve to create a happy, healthy and confident you.

Are you ready to make positive changes for you? It’s a journey, just take it one step at a time. 💚


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