Let Her Be Free.

Let Her Be Free.

Let her go.
Let her be free.

The best thing you can do for her is to let her be free.
Freedom to her is light - grounding, and energetic.
Her soul is hiding and she wants to explore.

She didn’t know why she despised being still,
stuck in one place.
She was always moving,
and traveling;
getting into the unknown
seemed more comfortable,
more peaceful
and recognizably familiar.

It’s hard to explain that lingering feeling.

It wasn’t about seeing the sights or being away,
it was about being empowered,
releasing control,
trusting the process and
moving through life
versus waiting for life to come to her.

She didn’t stop moving
for fear she would be stuck,
chained down,
with thousands of heavily gauged steel links
wrapped around her petite motionless body,
holding her back,
keeping her from her desires,
her exploration,
her journey
and soul craving adventures.

Once pinned down and in one place, she almost physically hurt to move.

Mentally, though no chains were on her physical body,
it was almost impossible to break free,
to break free from the thoughts, patterns, visions and walls
that both surrounded her
and swarmed through her mind.

The thoughts hold her back,
they keep her motionless,
and hidden.

They don’t serve her
and yet feel heavier
than any chains, walls, or physical boundaries.

Release it all.

You can’t contain the beauty
within a wild soul
until she knows what it truly means to be free.

~nicole marie

 Nicole Marie 

 the Naturalita 

Nicole Marie is a Career and Life Wellness Coach + the love and inspiration behind the Naturalita. With a background in Human Resource Management paired with her experience as an Internationally Certified Health Coach and Business Mentor, Nicole helps women create a self-love focused wellness foundation, connect with a career or business that brings them joy and open up their hearts to exploring their wanderlust in life and the world. She wants your heart to SHINE in all areas of your life, one small step at a time.

What makes Nicole's heart SHINE?
Spending time in nature with her man and Lita pup, exploring the world both near and far, moving her body to help find her flow in life, finding healthy naturally gluten free eats, and connecting with other love-filled wanderlust souls.

Connect with Nicole here.

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