Naturalita SHINE into a Healthier YOU *Test Group*

Naturalita SHINE into a Healthier YOU *Test Group*

Naturalita SHINE into a Healthier YOU *Test Group*

{Limited Opportunity}***

What lights you up?  I’m creating some new programs that LIGHT me up and mixing in some things that I love to do on a daily basis that keep me grounded and true to myself and my desires.  I’m adding in some tools from my holistic 1:1 coaching practice, too.  If you are looking to feel more balanced, create healthy and positive habits, lose weight, tone up, eat healthier and receive some extra accountability, this group is for you.

It’s easy to get distracted when it comes to your health, job, partner, family, and life.  Eating healthy and moving your body is important, but it is NOT the whole picture.  I see a lot of people use excuses to not take care of themselves and then fall deeper into the life of distractions and never move in their desired direction.  (If you use my least favorite 4 letter word B-U-S-Y daily as an excuse for not living a life you love, then this group is also for you.)

I am offering a limited time opportunity for you to join in on my next group called Naturalita SHINE into a Healthier YOU.  It’s a “test group”, because it will be different than many of the other online groups I’ve coached AND it’s leading into something much bigger that I have been on-the-fence about sharing in the new year.  It’s available at a reduced investment for the group that opens on November 30!  

PiYo at the Treehouse

I want you to have the tools to succeed in your health and eating healthy and daily effective exercise are definitely part of what you need to start building your healthy Naturalita SHINE foundation.

We will be using an at home wellness program called the 21 Day Fix (or 21 Day Fix Extreme) that includes a nutrition guide, portion control containers, 30 minute workouts on dvds (that are very effective), as well as a month supply of Shakeology  and a private online group with coaching from Nicole.  This is a 21+ day group.

If this calls to you NOW, in order to join in, it is essential that you purchase one of these programs with me as your coach.  This is your investment in YOU and I will also give you some practical tools to use to create your Healthier YOU. This program is on special in October when purchased through me for $140 (plus tax and shipping – see what is included here).

We will focus on 5 CORE areas:

-Self Awareness, Love and Personal Development

-Healthy Relationships (with food, exercise, partner, friends, family)

-Inspiration and Adventure

-Natural Nutrition – Healthy eating is KEY

-Exercise and Energy – All levels of fitness! 

Naturalita SHINE into a Healthier YOU!
Naturalita SHINE into a Healthier YOU!


What’s Included:

  • Access to a private online group
  • Coaching from Nicole
  • Daily inspiration and motivation
  • Simple and effective healthy eating guide with portion control containers
  • At home workout program + calendar (30 minute workouts)
  • Daily natural superfood nutrition shake – Shakeology (month supply)
  • Personal Development Focus – You will choose a book to read for you to personally grow.
  • Weekly Goal and Mantra Setting
  • Feeling healthier, more confident and balanced in your life
  • Guide to SHINE
  • Healthy YOU Checklist

***This group is currently only open to new or returning customers.  To join this *test group*, I must be connected to you as your exclusive coach and you must purchase the 21 Day Fix program (either one) or currently be drinking Shakeology HD.  You can message me here with any questions.  If you already have this program, message me and we can chat about your options!  If you have another coach and want to join in on this group, please message me and I can share details.

Last day to sign up is November 30 and we officially start on December 7 and complete our first 21 day session by the end of December.  I have 10-12 spots open for this group.

I look forward to sharing this new program with you!  We will focus on healthy eating and fitness and some other life balancing techniques and tools for you to SHINE brighter in all areas of life.

Curious to learn more, message me , or check out more info here.

In order to stay healthy (and beat the holiday cold and flu season), it’s important to build that healthy foundation NOW.

If you know someone that would like to join and do this with you, please share.  It’s always amazing to create a healthier lifestyle with a friend or family member.

I look forward to having you in this exclusive Naturalita SHINE into a Healthier YOU test group!

Let’s SHINE together!

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