Positive Body Confidence - 7 Days of Focus 

Self-Love is an important part of our health journey and it looks and feels differently for all of us.

Showing love and speaking positively to your body is a way to practice self love.

Your body is your outer shell and is all encompassing, so while self-love isn't just focused on body image, I feel it's important to create self-love in all areas of our lives.

One of my missions is to help women love themselves more, no matter where they're at in their personal journey. 

I created this seven day focus group, Positive Body Confidence, to help motivate women to take inspired action and create positive focus in the area of self love and their bodies.

We'll focus on different activities daily, each aimed to help you create more awareness in your self-love relationship with the goal of creating a healthier self-love filled life foundation. 

We start February 15, 2017!
Are you going to (self-love) practice with us?

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7 Day Focus Group Below >>>

Nicole Marie

I'm Nicole Marie the lady behind the Naturalita. I help women create a healthier life foundation while exploring their internal and external wanderlust within themselves and the world.
I want YOU to SHINE and feel confident and loved in your life.

I believe a healthy life foundation starts with self love and that it looks different for everyone. In my early 20's my self love *passport* was empty, though I didn't realize it at the time. I looked externally for gratification when the ability to create more love in my life was already within me.

It's within you, too. It just takes practice. Self Love Practice. 

Let's shift your focus and start where you're at right now.

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