Everything Happens Right on Time

Everything Happens Right on Time

Everything Happens Right on Time

Plus 5 Positive Affirmations

“Everything happens right on time.” she said

Internally, I thought “what does she know”?

“She’s careless, irresponsible, lacking schedule and authority.  She’s galavanting around the world (well, a small part of it), she doesn’t have kids (no real responsibility), seems worry free, creates a lot of time to play, plus she’s a little odd and never has a plan.”

“Why would I trust her?”

I’m talking about myself and some of my internal chatter about thoughts I feel myself and thoughts I feel others have about me.  

I’m a Gemini (May 25) and the more I learn about myself, the more I understand my internal self talk and how my desire for change and freedom is ME. It also helps me understand and realize that everything that is happening in my life is happening right on time.  It’s happening FOR me, not to me.

At times I feel guilty or selfish for choosing how I live my life.  Like it’s wrong or I’m abnormal.  Many people want to climb the corporate ladder or earn a million dollars (or 6, 7, 8 figures or maybe just enough to pay the bills) or live in a nice big house in the suburbs with 2.5 (average) kids, have an SUV or two, a closet full of clothes and designer shoes, a handsome and loving husband, six pack abs and take a vacation once a year (insert other things you want here).

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that.  

Realistically, we all want different things and some of the above (and more) might be part of what we want, but we can also get caught in the trap of wanting things that others have, but not truly wanting them OR having things that others want and not appreciating them or the sacrifices made for them.

The more I compare myself to others who ARE achieving their goals and their dreams, my friends that are married with adorable kids and beautiful homes, the more I feel behind, lost, suffocated and stuck in the comparison wheel. The more distant I feel from being myself.  The more stuck I feel overall. AND the more I distance myself from realizing that I AM moving toward my dreams.  

We all have different dreams, purposes, passions, gifts and lives. Fact.

Truth is, we are all uniquely designed to want and desire different things in life; that is what makes us unique. Even though I might desire something similar to someone else, it doesn’t mean I want to have their life, realistically, I don’t really know their life and want to live my own life. I actually DO love my life, every perfectly imperfect minute of it. However, it can show us, if we truly connect within, what we desire MORE of in our lives.

Everything Happens Right on Time

I’m fine living in a small house that needs a lot of love (work – it’s 115 years old).  There have been times where I’ve lived in a brand new house, times I’ve lived in a 200+ year old (creepy) farmhouse. I’ve lived in a brand new small apartment, a “ghetto fabulous apartment” in the cutest neighborhood in the world and I’ve also been homeless.

Looking back at all of the places I’ve lived (there have been over 20+), where I lived didn’t make me who I am as a person.  Don’t get me wrong, I still would love to (and will) live in my dream house with a view of the water and the mountains, but just because I don’t live in my dream house now doesn’t mean that I can’t live my life and love it, too. It will happen right on time.

I’m not married (yet). I don’t have kids (yet). Does that mean I will never be married or have kids?  Nope. Do I want to get married and have kids?  YES. Do I get stuck and feel behind at times or envious of those that have a husband and little kids running around. Yes. However, I know if it’s meant for me, it will happen.  If it’s meant for YOU, it will happen FOR YOU, too. You just have to believe it.  I need to BELIEVE it, too.

I’m getting better at trusting that process each and every day.  I did get pretty envious of all of the cute Japanese moms (both the pregnant bellies and baby carrying moms) and expatriate moms walking around Japan. You know what I did?  I just smiled and sent a lot of love and adoration their way, because that made me feel good. It’s being envious but with love.  Yes, it’s possible. Always do what makes you feel good.

Everything is happening right on time. If I’m meant to get married, it will happen. If I’m meant to have kids, it will happen. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get down at times because of this, but it does mean I’ve learned that when I get envious, I know that’s something I truly want in my life.  I then flip that feeling to LOVE. I also focus on what I AM grateful for.  I’m in a loving (oh sooo lovely) relationship with a caring and handsome man who also wants kids and loves me with all of his heart, and to me, that’s blissfully amazing.

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Follow your heart. Rock climbing in Colorado.

Here are FIVE positive affirmations to focus on when you feel stuck, behind, frustrated or envious. Write down the ones that resonate most with you.

  1. Everything happens right on time.
  2. If it’s meant for me, it will happen.
  3. I am grateful for everything I have in my life.
  4. Life is happening FOR me, not to me.
  5. Life is a gift and I receive it in the present.

As a part of what I’ve learned about my Gemini self, here is a little glimpse from a Zodiac website I found:

“Gemini are extremely independent. They will not be pinned down by anyone or any rules. They need to experience the world on their own. Change and freedom are extremely important to Gemini, they will never let anyone dictate them, they are extremely independent and freedom is essential to their mental well being.”

Trusting YOUR life process and getting to know yourself, love yourself and appreciating everything that has happened for you in your life is how you’ll know that everything is happening right on time.

One way to shift your focus create a positive love and health filled plan NOW.  You can download your FREE copy of my Naturalita Monthly SHINE + Adventure Guide here.


Which of the five positive affirmations fits you the best?

Which will you USE?

Are there any areas of your life where you believe “everything is happening right on time”?

Please share below in the comments. I love hearing from YOU!




4 Responses to Everything Happens Right on Time

  1. Beautiful message Nic!! You know I resonate with SO much of what you shared. Definitely hard at times to “trust the process” and believe everything truly is happening at the “right” time…and it is only when we take the time to reflect, do we truly see how everything has unfolded perfectly and we find meaning (or purpose) in everything and everyone that is placed in our life! Our stories are still being written and everything and everything is possible….as you said, we just have to believe and those hopes and dreams will come to us….and likely in a way more amazing then we could have ever imagined. Thanks for being your AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL self….your “light” in this world is a gift to SO many! Keep Shining! 🙂

    • Awww, thank you lovely Danielle! I do know YOU resonate with so much of this, that is why we have connected in MANY ways. It’s a daily reminder and yet such a powerful feeling to trust the process (but, not always easy). Yes, our stories are still being written. Thank YOU for the note and extra loving reminder! Love and hugs your way, sweet friend! <3

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