Self Doubt is a B*tch

Self Doubt is a B*tch

Self Doubt is a B*tch

Self-doubt is a b*tch. She comes when we least expect it and haunts us in our daily lives.

Self-doubt pokes her head in right about the time we’re in a groove and moving forward.

She comes in to say “you’re not enough”, “nobody cares”, “why are you doing this?”, “are you really going to do this?”, “you can’t do this” and “who are you to make something for yourself?”

She brings us down to the ground, tears flowing, tightness in our chest, and allows the feeling of struggle to take over both our body and our mind.

She takes control, causing us to freeze, to flip on the comparison switch and start looking at everyone else in the world that is “better than us”.

She shuts down our thought process of wanting to create a better life, wanting to help others, and desiring to live our dreams.

She’s paralyzing, frightening, humiliating, heartbreaking, discouraging, disabling, exhausting and terrifying.

She rears her fierce, powerful, motivation driven message to PUSH us…


We realize we can take this energy and waste it on crushing our heart and dreams…


We can use her fierceness, her power and her motivation driven message to PUSH us forward.

Self doubt is an internal message to remind us that WE already HAVE the POWER within us. 

If we choose to feed self-doubt, she will win.

If we choose to harness that energy and turn it into self-love, self-confidence, and self-esteem, she will WIN.

It’s all about the self.  The self doesn’t want us to doubt ourselves.

It’s an internal battle and YOU (WE) get to choose who wins.

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Who will you let WIN?  

Who will you let SHINE? 

I hope you choose SELF LOVE.

I choose SELF LOVE.

It’s a daily choice. It’s an easy choice, but it can be hard to stick to and practice daily.

It’s a SELF LOVE PRACTICE. (Not a self-love perfect.)

If self doubt is a b*tch, self love is her guardian angel.

The battle with the self can be the hardest battle in our lives; the best part is we have the ability to change it. Stop the self-doubt and the self-judgement.

It’s within our control.

It’s within your control.

Let your self-love angel fly.

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