Self Love Mantra Monday: Personal Power

Self Love Mantra Monday: Personal Power

Self Love Mantra Monday: Personal Power

What’s your reaction to Mondays? Yay or Nay?

When I woke up this morning, I actually didn’t desire to jump out of bed, but I also wasn’t dreading Monday, either. I might have slept in a little longer than planned, but that just means I adjust my day to follow that slight shift in schedule.

I feel blessed to get to create my life on my schedule; however, if you are thinking “lucky you” and cursing at me in your head, just know that you have the ability to create yours, too.  It didn’t happen overnight and it definitely isn’t without my own personal struggles. It’s been a journey and that journey is still moving forward.

So, Self Love Mantra Monday, what is it? Well, years ago on my old blogger blog, I would choose a quote every week and share it on Monday with some thoughts.  At the time, I was also working full time in my HR job, so it was more for me to start my week on a positive note.  After a couple year hiatus and now with a new blog platform, I decided to bring it back, with a little self love twist.

You can never have too much self love.

My POWER starts with BELIEF in MYSELF.

Self Love Monday Mantra
Self Love Mantra Monday


Back to YOUR Monday, if you wish you could be at home and doing more of what YOU love, then today marks the day for you to make a small change and shift your internal power and beliefs.

Are you ready? It’s simple, yet difficult at the same time. Take it one day at a time.

Your power starts with the belief in yourself. BELIEVE in your being with all of your personal power. It all starts within YOU.

If you want to create positive change in your life, you have to believe that you can make it happen. Anything negative sitting in your mind needs to be released and shifted. Your belief system may need some work or fine tuning; however, once you set your mind to something and fully believe you are capable of committing to it, anything can happen.

It’s YOUR personal power.

Don’t let others take your personal power away. The truth is you’re the only one that can give it away. You own it; you control it.

Don’t doubt it.
Don’t give it away.
Don’t disown it.
Don’t share it.

Believe in YOU like your life depends on it, because it does.

With my Self Love Mantra Monday messages, I like to end with you writing down and sharing a takeaway, answering a question and creating a personal action step.  Without action, there is no movement forward.

Please share in the comments below or write down in your journal:

  1. What is ONE change you would like to make in your life NOW?
  2. What is one belief you feel is holding you back?
    1. Rephrase that belief into a positive and empowering sentence.
  3. After reading this, what is ONE thought that came up in your mind?  Trust your higher self and write that down.
  4. What is ONE small action step you can take today to create more personal power?
  5. Complete this sentence:
    1. “I have the POWER to ________________. I believe in myself; I know I can make this happen.”

I would love to see you share your responses and/or reflections in the comments below. I am a firm believer in grounding down your thoughts, getting them out of your head onto pen and paper then sharing them out loud (even if saying them to yourself in the mirror.)

Please say this out loud:

My POWER starts with BELIEF in MYSELF.

Create a strong Self Love filled start to your week! If you enjoyed this message, please “like” and share with others that could benefit from Self Love Mantra Monday.




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