Show Up for Yourself. Daily.

Show Up for Yourself. Daily.

Show Up for Yourself. Daily.

How are you showing up for yourself today?

Did you wake up feeling energized, excited, positive and ready to take on the day or did you wake up tired, sad, depressed, or frustrated?

This morning, I pulled this message.
“I show up for myself and the world.”
(I’m also doing a 3 day vegan cleanse, so I’ve been choosing a daily “Miracles Now” card…and I’m sharing it with you, it’s what got me thinking about this.)


I’m a firm believer in showing up for yourself first. That doesn’t mean I don’t care, that I’m selfish, that I’m greedy or that all I think about is myself.

It means that I make myself a priority. In order for me to attract positive energy, balance, and joy, it needs to start with me. I can’t expect anyone else to “show up” for me or bring it all to me. If I am showing up in a positive way for myself, then I am providing the world the best version of me.  Do you agree?

If YOU are showing up for yourself the best that you can (in a positive way) then amazing things will come our way.  

If you spend your day worrying, comparing yourself to others, doubting yourself, being negative, putting others down or even casting blame on others, then you will attract that.

For the past 2.5+ years, I have been choosing how I want to show up each day by selecting my morning power words. If you have been in any of my online wellness groups, or in any of my 1:1 coaching calls, you may have done this with me (or maybe you’ve seen me post them on Facebook. I share them DAILY.)

Power Words

Each morning, when I get up, the first thing I do, before I check my phone, go to the bathroom or most of the time before I even get out of bed, I choose THREE POWER WORDS.  These words are how I want to FEEL for the day, not how I really feel, but how I CHOOSE to feel. I wrote more on this a while back.

Today my words were: LOVE. INSPIRE. FAITH. 

I want to share LOVE, feel LOVE, spread LOVE.  Self-love is included in this.

I want to be inspired, inspire others and FEEL inspired.

I have faith and will continue to have faith in everything that is to develop in my life.

I don’t wake up and choose the words worried, frustrated or tired (or other negative words).  Who would want to feel that way? YUCK.

Do I always feel 100% amazing? NOPE. However, I do something consistently each day to shift my focus in a positive direction.

You have the choice.  Choose your power words each morning.

This is a simple technique and free to do. It’s like choosing the clothes you wear each day, wear your thoughts like you would wear your clothes.

We will focus on power words in my next Healthy Confident YOU group, it starts August 1.

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What are your POWER WORDS today?  Please share them in the comments below.  I would love to know how you choose to show up for yourself today!

P.S. Are you interested in some extra accountability this summer to FEEL more healthy and confident, my next online group starts soon. Wanna join?  Please send me a note to connect. 

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