50 Simple Self-Love Rituals

50 Simple Self-Love Rituals

What We Focus on Grows.

Practicing self-love helps you create a more stable "Healthy YOU" Naturalita foundation. This starts with loving and appreciating the body and life you already have. Creating your own daily self-love rituals that help you light that internal flame and bring that love to the surface.

It doesn’t have to take hours a day to practice self-love, but once you get started, you’ll realize that self-love is something you can actually incorporate all day long, without much effort, allowing it to flow more naturally in your life.

Self-love looks and feels differently to everyone.

It’s important to have some little self-love rituals for you to ignite that inner love flame and keep it shining. Below, I have listed some simple rituals or ideas to add in little acts of self-love on a daily basis. The fun part? You get to choose which resonate with you and try them out!

50 Self-Love Rituals

Write in a gratitude journal.

Choose your power words daily.

Read a personal development book.

Volunteer for an non-profit you love.

Go hiking or take a long walk.

Choose a new workout program.

Take a new class of your choice.

Take time for rest and relaxation.

Invite a friend over for a girlie date.

Connect with a positive friend.

Nourish yourself with healthy foods.

Buy yourself fresh flowers.

Take a solo vacation.

Plan a day to do nothing.

Repeat positive affirmations daily.

Fill your fridge with fresh foods.

Write yourself a love note.

Get a massage or pedicure.

Accept compliments.

Give genuine compliments.

Hire a coach to guide you.

Release comparison.

Repeat: “I love and accept myself”.

Create a positive vibe tribe.

Listen to empowering music.

Listen to an inspirational podcast.

Honor ways your body supports you.

Read your gratitude list.

Focus on what you love in your life.

Go on a retreat to disconnect.

Take a yoga or meditation class.

Make yourself a healthy treat.

Create a self-love board on Pinterest.

Keep a picture of yourself as a child

Put together a self-love music playlist.

Wake up ready to welcome in LOVE.

Create a self-love calendar.

Join a support & accountability group.

Set positive intentions daily.

Hug someone you love.

Tell yourself “I love you”. 

Create a self-love fund.

Buy yourself a green plant.

Eat a healthy breakfast.

Chew your food slowly.

Watch a love-filled movie.

Share an inspirational message.

Respect and love your body.

Take a warm relaxing bath.

Sit in nature.

Honor that your life is a gift.

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Take Love-Filled Action.

1. Choose which rituals will light your self-love flame.
2. Write them down and share in the comments below.
3. Take inspired action and create space for them in your day.
(When will you practice them? What days? What times? When will you start?)

Self-Love starts with YOU.

It's the foundation of living a healthy life.

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