Stop Judging Yourself

Stop Judging Yourself


Stop Judgement.

We all know women who judge other women. That evil up and down stare, sizing you up like you’re coming to invade “their territory” or take “their man” or checking you out to see how your clothes fit, what you’re wearing, your size, what your hair looks like, what shoes you’re wearing; I’m sure there are other things, too.

Before you’ve even said hello or walked through the door, these women have already formed a judgement and opinion about you, without even knowing you.  It’s pretty annoying and quite cruel, right?

What about self judgement?  Is this any different? We get up every morning and usually the first thing most women do when they look in the mirror is criticize themselves with negative comments before they are fully awake.  That sets a great healthy tone for the day, don’t you think? {NO}

Next, we put on clothes and lather on more judgement around what we’re wearing, how we look, and what fits – adding this judgement to our first course of judgement filling up a FULL bowl of judgement soup early in the morning.

“Do these white pants make me look fat?”
“Oh my, you should never wear stripes.”
“I could never wear that.”

{self talk bull shit}

You’re your own worst critic. STOP. IT.

The sad part about judgement is that it starts with the self. It starts with us judging ourselves, shaming our bodies, setting certain standards, believing perceptions and then putting ourselves down to make us think by shaming our bodies we will achieve our *positive and inspiring* goals.

Worse yet, we often shame our bodies around others creating a negative cycle of judgement and energy.

Is it just me or do you agree that negative self talk doesn’t really make me (you) feel empowered in making positive life changes? You?

We often know what we should be doing, but what is usually missing is a strong self love practice. I see it a lot and understand it. It’s something I work on daily. It’s part of my healthy SHINE foundation.

Self love isn’t perfect.

Self love is a practice.

It’s called a self love practice, not a self love perfect.

If you’re not feeling confident in your body, then the first thing to do is start talking to yourself with love, from the heart, practicing self love and positive self talk, not restricting calories, starving yourself or spending hours at the gym or putting yourself down, or worse yet, comparing yourself to others or judging others.

The *women* you feel is judging you, is also judging herself. Don’t worry about that woman, she has enough to work on for herself and, besides that, her opinion doesn’t matter. However, what does matter is YOUR opinion of YOU. If it’s negative, it will attract negative; if it’s positive, it will inspire others and create personal body and life confidence.

“Curiosity is the CURE for Judgement.”

Get curious as to why you are judging yourself. Is what you’re saying, thinking or telling yourself true? No? Then stop.  Yes? Then what can YOU do to stop that inner battle and change your mindset?  Get curious.  Get curious as to why you have these thoughts.  After you get curious, be kind to yourself.  Be gentle with yourself.  We can be our own worst enemy, when we should be our own best friend.

Are you going to feed your internal enemy or love your internal best friend?

Creating healthy changes in all areas of your life is a practice and something that needs to be practiced and focused on daily, from the heart, and it helps create a strong self love foundation.

S.H.I.N.E. stands for something in my life and in the work that I do.

SHINE, self love, radical self love, healthy YOU, IIN. Integrative Nutrition, Gluten Free, Healthy foundation, shine bright

S symbolizes Self Awareness and Self Love.

I believe that creating more self awareness helps you realize where you’re at in your self love journey and helps you commit to start practicing self love. Daily. Be curious as to where you are at in your self love journey.

Choose your thoughts and words wisely.

Each morning when I get up, I choose three positive words; these are my power words.  These words are chosen and shared on facebook every morning. I keep it simple and share them for my own personal accountability. The words symbolize what I want to focus on each day to start my day off on a positive note.

Don’t let your worst critic be yourself.  Be your biggest fan.  Light your heart on fire.

Got it?

What are three things you love about yourself? (Start here.)

What are your THREE power words today?

Please share in the comments below.

Oh, I love wearing white pants. You?

Love. Faith. Believe.

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