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Clean Eating Journey

Eating clean and healthy can be frustrating, overwhelming, confusing, and difficult to stay consistent and make it work with your lifestyle. In the Naturalita Clean Eating Journey, you learn to make healthy eating simple, fun, informative and easy for you to find out what works for you while you add in healthier foods, upgrade some of your favorite foods and also take potentially allergenic foods out of your diet. We work together over four weeks to create consistency and focus on your healthy habits.

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Monthly Fitness & Healthy Eating Groups

Nutrition + Fitness + Support = Success

I coach online monthly healthy eating and fitness groups where you focus on creating healthy changes in the areas of eating, positive mindset and exercise. You will set inspired goals, choose your fitness program, set up a consistent healthy eating routine with natural nutritional support and recipes, receive daily coaching and join in a private online community with other like-minded people on their personal health journey.

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Naturalita SHINE (Coming Soon!)

What does it mean for you to SHINE more in your life?

Everything in your life is connected. We’ll take a holistic approach and look at your healthy foundation, personal life balance and goals to create an action plan for you to take positive steps in the areas of self awareness, healthy relationships, inspiration, natural nutrition and exercise. In this group program, you will receive daily guidance, supportive coaching as well as connect with a community of other women who are also ready to make positive changes to create more of a life they love.

The ability to create positive change starts by taking action. If you want to make a change, the best time is to start is now. Life is a beautiful journey, it’s time for you to SHINE.

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Shakeology: Natural Superfood Nutrition

Shakeology is the all natural shake that I drink daily. It is derived from whole food sources and contains protein, fiber, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, superfoods, adaptogen herbs, prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes (over 70+ natural ingredients). Everything in Shakeology is formulated to work together in your body to help you: lose weight, reduce cravings, gain energy, improve your digestion and benefit your overall health.

Shakeology comes in both high quality whey and vegan protein and in a variety of flavors. I’ve tried to create my own superfood smoothies and nothing has come close to the benefits I have received from drinking Shakeology.

You can learn more about Shakeology, find recipes and order here.

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