50 + Ideas to Create Your Summer Love List

50 + Ideas to Create Your Summer Love List

Hiking is something that I've fallen in love with since moving to the Pacific Northwest, specifically since I moved to the Kitsap Peninsula (Washington state) with my man. It's always a part of my Summer Love List.

What's a Summer Love List, you ask? Well, instead of saying "bucket list" I prefer to use "love list" because the word "love" definitely feels more positive, engaging and desirable. Plus, you naturally shift to a positive mindset and are more likely to raise your level of interest and create time and space (and give yourself permission) for yourself. Make sense?

Being in nature is grounding, it gives me the opportunity to disconnect from everything (technology included - it’s a legit NO SERVICE zone when I’m hiking) and reconnect with myself (what I like to call my internal wanderlust) and nature (which is a part of my external wanderlust). I also love being with the man and, of course, Lita pup. It's a pretty powerful part of my personal wellness routine.

Get grounded in nature. Create time to get outside and explore. Create your Summer Love List.

Looking at the summer months ahead, I’ve been thinking about what I would LOVE to do this summer. I enjoy creating space for the activities that light me up; while I’m naturally spontaneous and a true non-planner, I know the importance of creating a flexible plan and then plotting out those dates on the calendar (so I actually get my bum out of the house).

Summers can be extremely busy; I feel it’s important to create time for the things that you LOVE first and then work the other life related things around them (and don’t be afraid to say NO). So, I wanted to brainstorm a Summer Love List for you to pick and choose some activities you would LOVE to do.

How would it feel for you to seek out some of these juicy little heart filling activities? (Before the summer is over.)

Summer Love List Ideas

Here are some things on my Summer Love List, plus some I’ve added in extras to get you thinking about yours! Please feel free to add to this; it's just a lil' snippet of small adventures and opportunities to explore. Let your inner child out, lovely! (PLEASE share your ideas in the comments.)

50+ love-filled ideas and activities to create a fun summer

What would you add to this?

​It’s super fun to see what people around the USA, Canada and the world like to do in their summer free time.

If you’re thinking you don’t have free time… well, how can you create more? Realistically, you have the choice; I firmly believe in less hustle and more living and loving.  It raises your energetic vibrational levels and by doing that, you can help others do the same. 

Please share two-three Summer Love activities you would like to create time for this summer. Let's ADD to this list!

4 Responses to 50 + Ideas to Create Your Summer Love List

  1. Here are some of my summer ideas! Make homemade iced tea and/or lemonade! Go garage saleing! Go to a park and swing on some swings! Eat fresh picked fruits (blueberries/strawberries). Tie dye something!

    • OOOOOH! I love these, Theresa! Those are super fun! I’m hoping to pick some fig trees this summer here in WA! 🙂 It has been years since I have tie dyed anything! What are you going to dye?

  2. 1. Hiking
    2. Dog parks. Dog parks. More dog parks. (goal to explore as many in WA as possible)
    3. Moving (back to a more walkable location)
    4. More outdoor dinners

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