6 Ways to Boot Out Sugar

6 Ways to Boot Out Sugar

6 Ways to Boot Out Sugar

Sugar is addictive. Did you know there are over 41 different names for sugar? Sugar is super sneaky!  It sneaks into MANY of our favorite foods and “healthy” foods, too!

For those 5 of you that have never had a sugar craving, keep scrolling, but for those of us that are normal and have had sugar cravings and sugar addictions, keep reading the simple tips below to cut out the sugar in your life.

Sugar, I’m breaking up with you.

STOP NOW and No Sugar.

If you desire to cut out sugar, the best way to do it is cold turkey – completely cut it out. Take out ALL forms of sugar, flour and artificial sweeteners, too. Focus on eating WHOLE FRESH Natural{ita} food. Taking sugar all out at once makes it easier for you to keep it out and less likely for you to let it trickle back in. You can start by taking it out for 5 days, then go to 7 days, 14 days, 21 days or 30+ days.  You choose.

KEEP OUT Sugar filled beverages.

Don’t drink your calories. (Sodas, fancy coffees, juices, sports drinks and/or sweetened teas are OUT!) They are empty calories filled with sugar and without the protein, fiber, fat and other natural nutrients the body needs. Drinking your sugar revs up your body and lets it crash just as fast causing you to crave more sugar. The sugar cycle continues. Drink pure water, it’s natural to the body and needed for your body to function and helps with those sugar cravings.

Protein Creates Balance.

Start your day with a healthy protein and have protein at every meal. For example, your breakfast could be eggs, vegetables and a healthy fat (avocado is my choice) or a superfood filled protein shake (I would recommend Shakeology). Starting your day with protein and pairing each meal (and snack) with protein helps balance your blood sugar and calm the cravings.

Eat “Naturalita” Foods

Eat natural unprocessed foods that also include balanced portions of vegetables and healthy fats.  Fat does NOT make you fat, SUGAR makes you fat. Fat makes you FULL and balances your blood sugar (and mood), so make sure to have healthy fats at every meal.

Breathe Out the Stress.

When you’re stressed, your hormones go crazy, cortisol (stress hormone) goes up, and that makes you hungry.  High cortisol levels can lead to belly fat storage and even type 2 diabetes.  The best way to calm your stress is by taking DEEP breaths.  Aim to take 5-10 slow deep breaths to calm the whole body and your mind.  This is especially important to do when you feel a craving coming your way.

Sleep Away Your Sugar Cravings

Get some SLEEP!  Sleep is the best way to calm the hunger hormones. The less sleep you get, your appetite hormones can become elevated and cause an increase in sugar cravings.  When you are sleep deprived, your body craves energy and knows that sugar is the quickest way to get it. If you are giving your body the rest it needs, it can naturally produce the energy it needs, which keeps you feeling balanced and again, kills the cravings.

Which tip do you need to work on the most?

Which do you already implement?

Do you have any other helpful tips that have worked for you?

Which Program Is Best for You?

Are you looking to make some healthy life changes, including taking sugar out of your meals or at least cutting back and creating awareness around it? I coach monthly Healthy Confident YOU healthy eating and fitness accountability groups. You can learn more about the different programs here and/or contact me here to if you would like me guide you!

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  1. I’ve always had a sweet tooth despite my age. In fact, when I can’t seem to focus at times, I reach for sweets. May i be a drink, chocolate or candies. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been wanting to cut out on sugars little by little. Keep it up! I will share this with others as well.

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