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I’m glad we found each other. What brings YOU here?

You’re smart, compassionate, honest and caring.

You’re naturally curious. In fact, your natural curiosity brought you here.

You desire MORE in your life. Living a healthy life is important to you.

You crave many things; one is being the healthiest version of you, another is living a life you love.

However, something is missing. Something is stopping you from making your desired life changes.

You’re not taking action. You’re not consistent.

You feel overwhelmed, unsure, stuck, confused, lost, or maybe you’re bored with your current routine, disengaged, overworked or seeking something that will create a spark (or ignite a fire) for you to be naturally YOU.

Healthy life changes are a lot to add to a busy schedule, a job you aren’t passionate about, fears of failing and lack of positive and caring support. I get it; I’ve been there.

About Me.

I’m Nicole. I’m your friend, coach, guide and mentor. I’m a Life + Holistic Wellness Coach; I’m inspired by all things natural and living the healthiest and most “Naturalita” life possible.

I practice what I preach daily. My life is my Naturalita Journey. It’s always evolving.

A healthy life is more than eating healthy food and exercise, though both of those are important, my personal mantra is that everything in your life is connected: self-love, healthy relationships, inspiration and adventure, natural nutrition and exercise & energy and the ability to SHINE in your own unique way.

My personal journey and holistic focus are what brought me to taking inspired action to support others in creating a life they love. My personal MESS turned into my MESSAGE.

Curious about how my Naturalita Journey started?

At 94 pounds, I was SCARED. I SHUT DOWN. Not sure what to do or how I got myself into this “mess” I started searching for answers. A conversation with a doctor telling me I could have a heart attack at the age of 23 woke me up.

“We all have our own unique journey.”

We all have our own unique journey. Life is filled with ups and downs, learning from and accepting our personal path. I believe everything happens for a reason.

My Mess is My Message

In my early 20’s I “woke up” and found myself at about 94 pounds. (I’m 5′ 6″; that’s not healthy!) It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened pretty quickly.

I didn’t connect or slow down to take in what was going on in my life or with my body.

Life appeared to be good; I had just graduated with honors from college, found a job in my career field and an apartment in the city. I was going through the daily motions of life, eating “healthy,” exercising, working for a great company, I had a boyfriend and, well, I wasn’t “happy.”

I felt stuck. I felt anxious. I didn’t like my job. My relationship wasn’t working out and most of my friends and family were far away.

I was disconnected.

I shut down. I felt like I had lost control. I didn’t want to reach out. I didn’t want to be judged or have people think I was a failure or crazy. I decided that since I got myself into this situation, I would get myself out, so I went on my own journey.

I struggled in silence.

My silent struggles took control. My body knew it. I dropped 30 pounds in 3 months without realizing it. When I did “wake up” I saw that my focus on being “healthy” was counting every calorie that went into my body. I exercised to relieve stress (over-exercised) and to take the focus away from my job and avoid my relationships.

Too much focus on one area causes weakness in other areas.  

A phone call with a dear friend and a conversation with my parents helped me realize that people cared. I learned it was okay to reach out for help and confide in others for support and confidentiality.

Reaching out wasn’t easy; however, it helped move my journey in a more positive direction. To get outside help, I checked myself into an outpatient eating disorder clinic at 94 pounds to refocus on my health. I connected with the Nutritionist there. I saw her as a friend, someone who listened, cared and who didn’t judge me. I started reaching out to my friends and family for more support.

I left a relationship that wasn’t serving me. I bought my first house (at 23). I found a new job with a supportive manager. I started to travel the world on my own. TRAVEL SAVED ME (more on that to come). I felt free and started to take control of my WHOLE life.

I learned the importance of loving myself first.

Did my journey end there? No.

Our challenges are our greatest gifts.

Nicole-baker-3My passion for health and overall life wellness and personal transformation moved me to help others in creating a healthier life and stop struggling. Connecting with the right people and resources on my journey helped PUSH me to make crucial and positive changes. I believe this is my gift to share with you.

Your health is the foundation to living a life you love.

Has my journey ended?
Thank goodness, NO! I’m still alive!

Every day is a new beginning; a new Naturalita Journey. I embrace it.

I would love to be your coach, guide, and mentor for you to create a healthier + more positive life journey and discover a clear and more natural path for YOU. I offer a variety of individual and group programs to meet your unique personal needs.

I would LOVE to learn more about you and your story; it would be an honor.

It’s not always easy to share your story or admit where you messed up, need help or are overwhelmed; I get it. It feels quite amazing to find someone who will listen to you, without judgment, help you embrace your personal journey and focus on your unique health and life goals.

Your ability to SHINE is naturally inside you.

Let’s explore your Naturalita Journey together.

I would be honored to be a part of your journey.

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