Break Before You Shine

Break Before You Shine

Be a Glowstick.

Break Before You Shine.

Be a glowstick.
It’s okay to break.
That doesn’t mean you’re broken.
Sometimes we have to break before we can shine.
Sometimes it’s a daily “break”, sometimes monthly, sometimes yearly…we all break.
We all have opportunities to dim our lights or choose to shine.
Sometimes it’s a struggle to shine.
Some days we might not want to show up as our best self and put a smile on our face.
That’s okay…
for a moment or two.
Don’t let it last all day, all week or all year.
However, be advised that you can be a glowstick.


Take a break.  Break the thought process. Break open.
Release the emotions, icky feelings, negative thoughts, self-doubt and whatever else isn’t serving you and put on your big girl panties. Open up to receiving love and light and giving it, too.
The more love you give, the more love you receive.
The more light you give, the more light you receive.
Even if some days you feel the world doesn’t notice you, please know that you’re noticed and loved.

The world shines a lot brighter when you’re here with us.

(This is your morning pep talk.) 
Sometimes we have to break before we can shine.

Our challenges are our greatest gifts.

Sometimes they are messages to share with others; however, they’re always learning experiences for ourselves.

How can you SHINE today?

What needs to “break” before you can shine?

Choose your favorite color of glowstick and shine that sh*t out. When you shine your light, you give others permission to shine with you. It’s part of your self-love journey. Self-love is the S in S.H.I.N.E.

Let’s do this.

Are you ready?

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