Flow Into the New Year (Free Mini Group)

Flow Into the New Year (Free Mini Group)

Are you moving forward or feeling stuck?

One thing that's been on my heart lately is hearing from many amazing women who have some pretty powerful dreams, but they're telling me that they are lost in their own path, feeling stuck, not sure where to get started or fear taking action (specifically consistent action).

They're either getting in their own way, letting *others* get in their way, getting taken over by excuses and/or allowing fear or lack of confidence hold them back.

So, while the new year is on its way (I don't necessarily feel that you need a new year to create a "new you" or a new direction), I'm hosting a free 3-Day Intention + Goal Setting Flow mini-course. I'm doing this to help other women ground down their amazing thoughts, create goals that light them up, and decide on an inspired action plan to move them forward. ​

Does this sound fun to you? Ready to make a some changes?
Well, while I can't do the work for you, what I can tell you is that I'll make it fun and provide some helpful tips and resources for you to try out by taking action.

For years I resisted wanting to set goals. I still set them, but they never really naturally "flowed". Sure, I accomplished some/most of them, but my personal energy + desires weren't aligned with the goals I was setting. It felt off and a little uncomfortable, I personally felt like something was missing in my life.

I don't like the feeling of being forced to do something, but I also don't like the feeling of being stuck. Plus, I do know and understand how important it is to ground down your thoughts and create an inspired action plan to move into a more positive life flow.

My desire is to help you find your own intention + goals flow to utilize in your personal life (or business) to keep you moving forward on your own unique journey.

During this Free 3-Day Intention + Goal Setting Flow, we will:

>>> Ground down your thoughts, clear the clutter from your mind and choose where you want to get focused

>>> Learn a helpful process to visualize more specific goals

>>> Create a desired + inspired action plan to move yourself forward on your personal journey

This three day mini-course will be delivered by email, you'll receive "focus-sheets" to implement the daily activities, we'll have an online facebook group open through December 1 to share your daily actions (to get you into the flow + for support and accountability). 

Wanna JOIN IN? You can sign up here.
>>> 3 Day Intention + Goal Setting Flow <<<

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"A dream is just a dream. A goal is just a dream with a plan."

Let's take action and FLOW into the new year together.

In December, I will be offering a four-week online course for extra support and accountability, I'll be sharing more on that soon.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Please share with others for more accountability and support.  

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 Nicole Marie 

Nicole Marie is a Career and Life Wellness Coach + the love and inspiration behind the Naturalita. With a background in Human Resource Management paired with her experience as an Internationally Certified Health Coach and Business Mentor, Nicole helps women take desired + inspired action in their life, wellness, career & the world.

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