Freedom. I Named My Car Freedom.

Freedom. I Named My Car Freedom.

FREEDOM. I Named My Car Freedom.

I’ve never named a car before, but here’s my WHY as to why I’m excited yet VERY emotional about my new car.

A year ago I gave up my car (I leased it) since I was working from home and didn’t have a true “need” for it, plus we have another car (the man’s) and I could learn to drive manual transmission and save some money.  (Yep, I didn’t ever learn to drive a manual transmission growing up.)

A year later, I never learned to drive a manual and I was in the same exact place. I had no car and limited in my ability to “truly” adventure, connect, be independent and be free. (Which, if you know me are huge needs in my life.) Sure, I went on little mini adventures and made it work, but I wasn’t experiencing the freedom my SOUL needed in the physical sense. Yes, there’s public transportation, too, and I used it (ferries)!

The day I let go of my old car and the day I brought home my new car were both VERY emotional days. I’ve never really liked cars, and honestly still don’t, but to me it represents MANY other things in my life. It’s not just a car.

A LOT of NEGATIVES were going through my mind. Some of these may seem ridiculous, but you don’t live with me behind the scenes and frankly, you’re not me. I’m sure some of you can relate to these in other areas of your lives.

  • I had an emotional time feeling that I didn’t deserve it.
  • I should have learned to drive manual – “it’s so easy” but I couldn’t get past it for some reason (I know why, but it’s a deeper thing.)
  • What a waste of money, what if my business fails or I don’t earn enough to cover all of my expenses and I can’t afford it anymore.
  • You want to travel more, that’s a waste of money letting it sit and not be used.
  • Back to having a car payment again.
  • You should just get an old used car, it’s less expensive and more practical for your needs.
  • A car is a thing, object, possession and you are trying to limit your physical possessions and expenses.

BUT, I had to DIG deep. I didn’t realize how much I missed having MY OWN car until I didn’t have one.

Naturalita Freedom
“Freedom” – My VW Jetta Sport

This car (my new car) represents FREEDOM in so many ways.  So to balance out my negative thoughts, I made a list of WHY this “Freedom” was needed in my life.

  • I DO deserve it. I put a lot of heart, love, energy, hard work and passion into what I do daily.
  • I learned what I needed more in my life and I don’t need to be able to drive a manual transmission to be “enough”.
  • My business will continue to grow and expand as long as I BELIEVE in myself and my mission and have FAITH it will all work out the way it is meant to be.
  • “Freedom” will allow me to travel, adventure, explore, connect and be spontaneous. I can go hiking on my own on a whim or a Monday.
  • My car payment is a monthly reminder of my mission, my passion and my ability to pay myself while doing what I LOVE.
  • Feeling confident in my car transfers over to feeling confident in my life. It’s not selfish to want nice things.
  • I’ve learned a car or our possessions CAN be a medium to do more of what we desire and feel empowered to be the best version of ourselves.

In addition, this car represents “Freedom” by:

  • The FREEDOM that I have with my own business. I work for ME and I can support myself (and very thankful to all of YOU who have supported me in my life and business).
  • Helping others create more freedom and love in their lives for themselves, their health, fitness, self love, confidence and in their businesses (my team of wellness motivators).
  • Freedom to upgrade my life in its fullness and richness and not just focus on staying in a J-O-B for the money, benefits, or title. (It’s hard to leave that security, I get it!)
  • Freedom to express myself, freedom of time, freedom to choose, freedom to sleep in…
  • Freedom to GROW and SHINE brighter – and move past my doubts and fears.
  • Knowing that I earned this for ME by doing what I love and helping who is also ready to make changes and add in more freedom to their lives.

It’s a car. Many of us have them. But to me, “she” represents freedom. 

I believe giving up my car brought me to appreciate my physical freedom and how it affects my mental and emotional freedom.

So, now I have to make sure I truly embrace freedom this year (and every day) and take advantage that this physical addition and opportunity life has given me: freedom to explore both the physical world while exploring my mental and emotional freedom at the same time.

My question for YOU is:
Where do you desire more FREEDOM in your life?

Your job, time, relationships, food, body, emotions, environment, friendships, etc.?  Please share below.

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