Be Fully Present in Your Season

Be Fully Present in Your Season

Be Fully Present in Your Season

Flexibility. Freedom. Connection.

I’m off to explore a new city today.
I feel extreme joy to be here with the man and while he’s working I get to have flexibility in my schedule, get up, workout, work a little, check in with clients and wellness groups, take a bath, tour around and travel.


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Yet, while I feel grateful, I’m also feeling a little guilty. The “shoulds” creep into my mind, comparison seeps into my thoughts and it is truly stealing my ability to be fully present in the now.


I’m in Japan. I’m with my love (man friend) in Japan. I have the best of both worlds…why do I feel guilty?!?


I feel I “should” be working more. I’m “behind” in blog posts, newsletters, unreturned messages and emails, program creation and creating my new monthly groups. While I have flexibility to work from wherever I desire, I still have certain things that need to be done since I am self employed. Sometimes I choose play over work, in all honesty, I love to choose play over work daily and feel the “shoulds” creep in even when I say that. 



Flexibility, Freedom and Connection are some of my core values. If I look at my life right now, I would say that those values are pretty present in my life.  For that, I am grateful. It doesn’t mean that other outside thoughts and other’s values can take over and distract me from my purpose and my values from time to time.


You “should” be responsible.
You “should” be married.
You “should” have kids by now.
You “should” work an 8-5 job.
You “should” put 80 hours a week into your business.
You “should” be more focused on your business.
You “should” be saving money for WTF material object.


But, you know what?


I AM responsible.
I AM in a happy, healthy and loving relationship.
I AM going to be a mom (in this lifetime).
I AM my business, so the focus is always there.  I create my own definition of focus.
I AM saving money for the things I love in life…and retirement, but…
I AM also investing in my life NOW.
I AM focusing on my TOP (not all) priorities in my life and my business.
I AM on vacation and enjoying MY life adventure.
I AM creating something amazing and abundance within my LIFE and business.


It’s easier to live life when you slow down and take it all in. It comes more naturally TO you.


Kamkura, travel, Japan, gluten free travel, Health Coach travel, Shrine
I’m not going to burn myself out as that takes away from life experiences. I know this and it’s not any different at home or traveling. I may not be like everyone else and “hustling” all of the time, but you know what, the “hustle” has never been for me and doesn’t come naturally for me either. 


There are seasons in nature, just as there are seasons in life. My life has seasons, so does yours.


This is my season to explore, adventure, wander…and follow my heart.


While I don’t have the ability to shift my personal life seasons (God does), I do have the ability to be fully present in each season I’m in. 
Japan Street "Art"
Find beauty everywhere.
Right now, I’m in Japan and working to dig deeper into my internal wanderlust while satisfying my external wanderlust.  I’m believing, with strong faith, that they’ll both guide me to connect deeper within to connect even deeper with my true purpose – which, in all honesty, I am still figuring out.


While in Japan, I’m smelling those cherry blossoms and taking pictures of each one I see. It helps bring me back to the present moment. The cherry blossoms don’t last forever and neither do our lives.
Japan Cherry Blossom Season

I’m going to focus more on that lovely I AM statement, how about you?

Look at where you’re at right now.

What season are you in? How can you choose your top priorities to be fully present and aligned with your core values and your life?

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Take a ride, life is beautiful.
Follow your heart. 
You can do that from anywhere.
It starts within.
…and with that, I am off to explore. I have to figure out which train I’m taking and hopefully make the appropriate train connections and if I don’t, that’s the Universe reminding me that everything happens right on time.


Please leave a comment below to let me know what season you feel you are in or where you’re “traveling” to next. 

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