Five Reasons to Support GOTR RAGNAR

Five Reasons to Support GOTR RAGNAR

Five Reasons to Support GOTR RAGNAR

Have you ever set a goal and never accomplished it?

I have. Many times.

I have set goals in MANY areas of my life and failed (fail forward, let’s keep it positive).

When I was asked to help support Girls on the Run  (GOTR) and be a part of their RAGNAR team to help fundraise money to support this amazing non-profit that “inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running”, I said YES and signed up to be a GOTR SoleMate.

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GOTR 5k Winter Fun


As a GOTR SoleMate, I am dedicated to furthering this mission by completing the NW Passage Ragnar team race on July 15-16, 2016. In just a mere 24 hours, our GOTR team will run 200 miles traveling from Blaine to Langley, Washington and running all over the beautiful Pacific Northwest!  This will be my FIRST RAGNAR and I am honestly doing it all for the girls!

I was (am) a little freaked out. This is my first Ragnar and I have no idea what to expect. I’ve never ran a half marathon.  In fact, I’ve trained for and never completed a half marathon. I never finished that goal, which is another reason I am excited and yet nervous for this race.

Part of the commitment as a GOTR SoleMate is to raise a minimum of $900 (or more) for this Ragnar event.  The money raised goes to GOTR to support their programs and provide scholarships to young girls. I have been a volunteer GOTR coach and have seen how this program directly impacts the young girls in our communities.

For me, it’s a lot of money to raise, but I joined anyway. I’m confident I can raise the money, as I’m passionate about the GOTR program and community and by asking my community of friends and family, this makes it a full circle community commitment that will impact everyone everyone involved.

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Five Reasons to Support GOTR RAGNAR

The reasons WHY I said YES to joining a team of 12 women on a mission to raise money for GOTR are similar to WHY I would LOVE your support in “joining” me in this Ragnar running journey. It takes a community to raise children and while I am not a mom (yet) this is another way I can help be a supportive community member.

1. Community Supporting Community.  I have been a volunteer GOTR coach and I’ve seen first-hand how this amazing program affects young girls. However, it has not only has affected young girls, it also helps make a difference in the lives of their families, schools, communities, coaches and volunteers that are a part of this amazing organization.

As a world, we are a community and as a community, when we reach out to support others it helps build up our youth and creates a long lasting foundation for years to come. Helping others also helps us help ourselves.  It’s rewarding. Community supporting community, both near and far, impacts all of us.

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My team of GOTR Girls at our practice 5k!


2. Support and Accountability. As I have shared, I have failed at many things. In fact, I have trained for a half marathon and due to personal circumstances, I never ran it. This is my time to recommit. By committing to do this for the GOTR GIRLS and with a team of amazing women, I’m 100% committed to training for and completing this Ragnar. I have a community of support and a STRONG WHY.

With your support, it makes me even more committed to know that I have cheerleaders and positive support along the way, whether you donate $10 or $100+, your support is appreciated. 

Knowing that I am doing this with my community of friends and family (from afar) as well as with a community of amazing women on my team and supporting my favorite community organization, it helps me feel even more supported and allows me to also continue to offer support and accountability to others.
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3. Run with Purpose. When I run on my own, I run to get outside, connect with nature, get Lita (pup) out to enjoy the fresh air and move the body.  I run with purpose, but this GOTR Ragnar is an even greater purpose AND I get to run around the beautiful Pacific Northwest (PNW). For those that support me in this journey, I will also be running for YOU along with the girls that will benefit by having GOTR in their community.

Girls whom I may never meet, but maybe someday a friend’s daughter, my future daughter or someone close to me will have the opportunity to benefit from this program and grow close friendships and confidence.

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My other favorite running buddy!


4. Achieve Goals. Help create a ripple effect! By supporting GOTR, you help support young girls achieve their goal of completing a 5k run with their GOTR friends.  The GOTR program consists of 12 weeks, where the girls meet two times per week with volunteer coaches to connect with new friends, create more joy, build confidence, learn to lead healthier lives all while incorporating running and physical activity.

At the end of the 12 week program they complete a 5k fun run within their local communities. It’s a full circle effect of helping others complete their goals. You can set a goal to complete for yourself along the way, too!  Your support not only helps the girls, but also helps me achieve my fundraising and running goal. It also helps our Ragnar team complete their goals, which are all connected to supporting GOTR.

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GOTR Volunteer Coaches & Friends


5. Receive Recognition and Prizes. I like to have fun and would love others to be a part of my “virtual” GOTR Ragnar team. I will be giving out some prizes and creating some fun online events and groups for those that donate to help me achieve (or exceed) my GOTR Ragnar goal. Below is an idea of how I plan to recognize those that contribute to my GOTR Ragnar Mission.

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Will you join me in helping to empower more girls across Washington through Girls on the Run? My goal is to raise $900+, and with your support we can get there! 

Your generosity can further our program in many ways, including:

$35 can fund a pair of running shoes for one girl in need.

$50 can fund a pair of running shoes and program snacks for one girl.

$150 can fund a full season scholarship for a girl in need.

$600 can fund a full season scholarships for four girls in need.

As a part of your donation, to make this more fun and inclusive for my community, I would like to do the following for each level of donation:

Donate $10: Love Filled Shout Out online and in RAGNAR event pictures!

Donate $25: Shout Out + Access to online 14 day Naturalita SHINE group + chance to win Urbanhalo Headband. (More to come on my exclusive Naturalita SHINE group, we will start in August!)

Donate $50: Shout Out + Naturalita SHINE group + chance to win Urbanhalo Headband (double entry)

Donate $100 +: Shout Out + Naturalita SHINE group + chance to win Urbanhalo Headband (triple entry) 

GOTR, Support, Athleta, Runner, Volunteer, Donate, RAGNAR, Marathon, Charity, Non-profit

Let’s work together!  I will do the hard work (training, running and giving shout outs) and you can sit back and know how much I and GOTR LOVE and appreciate your support.

I feel these reasons: Community Supporting Community, Support and Accountability, Run with a Purpose, Achieve Goals and Prizes and Recognition (sponsored by me) are what makes running for a cause HEART WARMING and FUN for everyone involved.

How to DONATE?  You can donate by clicking on the purple “Support GOTR Ragnar HERE” pictures or click here, it takes you to the same website.  You will receive a confirmation/thank you email and I will receive notification of your donation and add you to the shout out and recognition list.

Each of 12 women running the Ragnar for GOTR is raising $900+ to run and support Girls on the Run. It’s quite an honor to run with other lovely heart centered women.  Our race is July 15-16, 2016 in the Pacific Northwest and I will definitely be taking pictures along the way! I’ll be sharing more about it on my personal facebook page and my Naturalita page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here.

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