New Year NO SUGAR – Free 5 Day Kickstart

New Year NO SUGAR – Free 5 Day Kickstart

New Year NO SUGAR Free 5 Day Kickstart!

Has SUGAR been a little excessive in your life after the holidays?

I’m coaching a FREE 5 Day No Sugar Kickstart to help you kick your sugar cravings AND learn how your body FEELS without sugar in your system.

Sugar is HIGHLY addictive (Umm, I know this from personal experience, I’m sure you can relate) and it’s truly not needed as an every day indulgence.  Your body doesn’t need processed sugar to survive (even though I do think my life would be so bland without dark chocolate) and there are MANY other healthy “options” that provide much more nourishment for your body and life.

I went almost 8 weeks with NO SUGAR (I did have 3 persimmons and Shakeology) and I FELT great; however, Christmas came, dark chocolate entered the house and I fell off the no sugar train.

I REFUSE to say I failed (for me, 8 weeks was a VICTORY), but it’s been hard to keep it out since I let it back into my life.  So, I’ve decided to start a FREE group to help YOU (and your friends, family, and/or coworkers) JUMP OFF the SUGAR TRAIN and get back to a no sugar lifestyle (or just try it out for 5 days).


Are you ready to join in? During the 5 days, you will:

  • Receive three (3) different “no sugar” options for your 5 day kickstart
  • Mentally and physically prep for your NO SUGAR week
  • Receive coaching and support to help you keep it out of your house (and body)
  • Learn to maintain balance and upgrade your food choices
  • Receive information to keep on hand after the 5 day kickstart is over
  • Learn healthier sweet upgrades to have instead of processed sugar
  • Kickstart your “Healthy Naturalita YOU” journey

Interested?  You can sign up here or below to JOIN!  By joining, you’ll also get access to the private facebook community and email updates.

Please feel free to share with others!

No SUGAR Kicsktart

FREE 5 Day New Year NO SUGAR Kickstart

This group starts on Monday, January 25th. Sign up by Saturday, January 23 to join in!

Naturalita Q?:  What has been your biggest struggle with sugar after the holidays?

Please comment below!

10 Responses to New Year NO SUGAR – Free 5 Day Kickstart

    • When I was working in an office, I made rules for eating sugar. 1. It had to be dark chocolate. 2. It had to be upgraded healthier dark chocolate (no hershey’s kisses) and I always had healthy options at my desk. I had to remember the nutrient value and nourishment part of what was going into my body AND I learned that when I started…it was hard to stop (and I didn’t feel super awesome after it). You could maybe bring healthier versions for your coworkers desks! 😉

  1. I’m pre diabetic. I try so hard to stay away from sugar and do pretty well, but then, bam I have a sweet tooth attack and I faith miserably. Thankfully I don’t stuff myself but still break myself of my promise.

  2. I noticed I can skip the sugar but when I do cave it is a down hill slope from there the rest of the day. More addicting the caffeine ever has been.

  3. My biggest struggle has always and still is my coffee. I love my Starbucks and white mocha. I have recently switched it out for an almond milk creamer and some natural unrefined honey. It’s ok, just not the same. Looking for some alternatives to try 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing, Jess! I hear that a lot, Starbuck’s can get you! I do have some healthier alternatives for coffee that are way healthier! I will share with you in the group! 🙂

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