Positive Body Confidence FREE Group

Positive Body Confidence FREE Group

Positive Body Confidence
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Sometimes I feel called to share certain messages.
Lately, it’s SELF-LOVE.

I know it’s the month of LOVE, but honestly, while I love the focus of LOVE, I don’t really celebrate or get excited about the “one day” (Valentine’s Day). It’s cute. I think once I have kids it’ll be cuter.

Back to LOVE: Self-Love.

I TRULY believe SELF-LOVE is the foundation to everything in your life. I can say this because I’ve been on the lowest end of the spectrum where my self-love *passport* was pretty much non-existent. I wasn’t going anywhere on that journey for a while. I was happy, eating healthy, working out, had fun, was caring, nice and the same person I am now…in a way, but I definitely lacked in self-love and I didn’t really realize it. Looking back, it’s pretty obvious. (You can read more on part of my story here.) I’m glad it has shifted. Is it perfect? No, but I have awareness and a practice.

There’s not a magical pill you can take, an amount of weight you can lose (or gain), a dozen roses you can receive, or an expensive piece of jewelry that you wear that can help you love yourself more.  That’s a fact.

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Self-Love Practice.

It’s a practice. You have to focus on it and create a healthy relationship with yourself. It’s called a SELF-LOVE practice for that reason, not a self-love perfect. Just like a muscle, you have to use it/practice it to strengthen it. Soccer practice, not soccer perfect.  Yoga practice, not yoga perfect.  Self-love practice, not self-love perfect.

That stated, I could preach on and on about it, but instead, I decided to create a 7 Day Focus Group around it for you to have the opportunity to consciously practice it; the 7 Day Focus group is called Positive Body Confidence.

We start on February 15th, in honor of keeping the LOVE alive after the big V-Day celebrations. You can sign up here to join in. If you have a friend (or 10) that you feel might want to join in, please share. The more LOVE, the better.  Sharing is caring.

It’s not all body focused, but the body is ONE of the areas where women can get very critical, even when other things in their life are amazing. Plus BODY is all encompassing, it’s our outer shell and our God given gift. So, while it’s called Positive Body Confidence, it’s more about you determining where in your body, thoughts, and/or emotions you want to start creating more self-love. It’s all connected.

Self-Love is an important part of our health journey and it looks and feels differently for all of us.

One of my missions is to help women love themselves more, no matter where they’re at in their personal journey. You are enough. I am enough. There’s always room for more love. <3

For those that desire to join in, we’ll focus on short activities daily, each aimed to help you create more awareness in your self-love relationship with the goal of creating a healthier self-love filled life foundation. After all, self-love is the S in SHINE (Naturalita S.H.I.N.E.).

OH, did I mention, it’s FREE? …from my heart to yours.

You’ll get access to some helpful *self-love sheets*, my Naturalita SHINE + Adventure guide, a private facebook group and love-filled emails.

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Join HERE.

You can sign up here.


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