Say YES.

Say YES.

Say Yes.

This week, our Naturalita Love Note is something that I have been practicing lately: saying YES. I’ve been saying YES to what lifts me up and brings me joy.

Say YES to what makes your spirit SHINE.

To think of this from a different perspective, something I was told a while back was:

“By saying NO to YOU, I’m saying YES to me.”

Saying NO isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but when you say no to something that isn’t serving you or beneficial to your life it can open up other opportunities that may bring you more joy or fill your heart.

There are plenty of things that we can say YES to, most don’t cost a thing.

Maybe it’s something to treat yourself, maybe it’s saying yes to alone time or giving yourself permission to do something new, or maybe it’s doing something outside of your comfort zone.

I said YES.

I’ve always loved to travel, so I find space in my life and schedule to say YES to it.

I’ve always wanted to host small intimate retreats in places that I’ve fallen in love with, like Washington and countries in Central America.

When I allowed myself the opportunity to say YES to planning a trip to Guatemala in less than two weeks for two weeks, I also decided to host my first Naturalita PNW Playcation. I thought, why not?

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By saying yes to one thing I love (travel) it opened up the opportunity for me to say YES to something else. I then decided (even though the timing was not perfect as I was leaving for Guatemala) to put together my small retreat here in the Pacific Northwest.

It made the most sense to choose the dates for when I returned from Guatemala. This would give others an opportunity if they felt it made their *spirit shine* to take a little *playcation* in Washington state.

By saying YES to me, I feel I’m giving others (like YOU) permission to say YES to themselves.  We’re all on different journeys in life and are given many choices and opportunities to say YES.  Best part, you get to choose when you say YES.

Find something in the next couple of days to say YES to; however, before saying YES, listen in to your heart and intuition to see if it makes your spirit SHINE.

I’m holding space for up to 7 women to join me on this little Naturalita PNW Playcation.  I have a “Trust the Process”  early sign up bonus, if you feel this would help your spirit shine. (If you were to ask me, I would say YES it will make your spirit SHINE.)

What will you say YES to in the next week? Here are two activities:

  1. Please make a list of what you have said YES to in the last 30 days. Then circle the ones that made your spirit shine.
  2. Then, make a list of what you would love to say YES to in the next week, month or year. Do a self-check in to see if it feels right in your heart and if it will make your spirit shine.

Please share your lists in the comments below or you can send them to me here.  I would love to know what you are saying YES to and how it lights you up (or makes your spirit shine).

If joining in on my Naturalita Pacific Northwest Retreat would make your spirit shine, write it down.  I would love to have you (wink, wink)!

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