Self Love Mantra Monday: Release Negativity

Self Love Mantra Monday: Release Negativity

Self Love Mantra Monday: Release Negativity

I RELEASE Negativity From My Life.

“The only disability one can have is a negative attitude.”

A negative attitude carries with it a lot of negative effects. A negative outlook, negative mindset, negative relationships, negative thoughts…it feels icky to just write this out.  Does it feel icky to read it?  Ugh.
Release it. All of it. Shake that shit off.

Carrying your past negative emotions, thoughts, burdens and stress only weighs you down and makes life “heavier”. No one has ever associated negative anything with happiness or a positive feeling, so why do we talk to ourselves with negative words and thoughts?  It’s pretty shitty if you ask me.

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Most of the time we allow negativity into our lives.

We have a (pretty important) choice to hold on to it, build it up, allow it or just release it…

Holding on to negative thoughts about yourself is also included in this.

Yet, I’ve done it and I still do it at times.

Sometimes it’s easier for me to catch someone else doing it than it is to catch myself doing it to myself. However, I’ve created a lot of awareness around it.  I’ve caught myself saying something and mid sentence I’m able to stop, reverse it and reframe it. It helps that I surround myself with some pretty amazing people who also catch me doing it, too, and it makes me more aware of it.

Honestly, we all do it, even if it’s not to ourselves, we can have negative thoughts about situations, passing or present, other people, work, life, and/or relationships. The best thing to do when it comes up is PAUSE, take a deep breath, reframe the thought or comment and release it.  Release it. Did I mention to release it?

I RELEASE Negativity from My Life.


What do you choose?

Please share in the comments below or write in your journal:

  1. I RELEASE ___(XYZ negative “thing”)____ from my life. 
  2. What are three negative things you are ready to release from your life?
  3. How will you feel once you have released these negative relationships, feelings, emotions, thoughts, etc.?


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