Six Reasons to Take a Playcation

Six Reasons to Take a Playcation

Six Reasons to Take a Playcation

“Savor the moment. Search for a little joy, and you will find a great deal of it in unexpected places.”

How often do you incorporate exploration, freedom, connection and self-care into your daily life?

Have you ever taken a “playcation”?

I often get asked: “What’s a playcation?”  Well, here is my ever-evolving personal definition:

Playcation: An inspiring adventure filled with curiosity, relaxation, exploration, freedom and connection (with yourself and/or others) either solita (alone) or with like-minded people.

Travel is always calling me, maybe it’s the need for connection to new places, new people, new experiences, new thoughts, and/or new beliefs. Not everyone understands it, but if you’re feeling the desire to explore, you get it, you get where I’m coming from. Last year, I took a little Naturalita Solita Playcation here in the Pacific Northwest. It encompassed my love for travel, wellness, nature, staying active and deeper self-connection. I feel everyone needs a little of this in their live, others, like me, probably need more.

I’ve taken many solita vacations around the world, attended retreats worldwide and know how solo travel or even exploring new places with others can fuel your heart and soul, it’s just last year was the first time I actually named it a “playcation”.

Six Reasons to Take a Playcation

1. Explore. Explore new places. Explore within yourself.

Everything in life is connected; when you allow yourself to get out of your daily routine, you create the space to open up your heart and explore the world around you, as well as explore within yourself. It’s empowering.

2. Learn. Learn about new places. Learn about yourself.

Make it your goal to never stop learning. Never stop learning about the world, people and places around you. It evokes a grounded curiosity into your daily life. If the world was more curious and less judgemental, it would be a better place. Do your part and get curious. Curiosity is the cure for judgment. Keep learning.

3. Connect. Disconnect to reconnect.

Taking time to connect with nature, others and yourself. It helps you slow down, get grounded and be more present in your life. When you disconnect with an intention to reconnect with the world around you, your naturalita feelings, intuition and desires will come back to you, they will feel more present in your life.

4. Play. Play within nature. Play more in your life.

Play is an important part of our natural life foundation. As children, we found the most joy and happiness within play. Playing by ourselves, playing with others, doing what came most natural in our lives. Find out what type of “play” you have been hiding inside of you by choosing to release unnatural habits in a new place.

5. Health. Build a healthier life foundation.

We all have our own personal definition of health. No matter what yours is, it’s important to incorporate health into ALL areas of your life, not just your weight and your workouts. It includes your self-love, healthy relationships, inspiration & adventure, natural nutrition, exercise & energy and more (these are the key focus areas in my SHINE foundation). Taking time away to focus on your health is important.

6. Freedom. Create your desired freedom.

Freedom looks different to everyone; however, in order to create true freedom, it takes creating space and disconnecting from your daily routine to determine what freedom looks like and feels like for you. Taking a couple of days away, helps you disconnect to reconnect to what freedom looks like to you. To create it, you need to create space for it.

Which of these “reasons” will benefit you the most right now?

Guatemala is where I took my last playcation; each year I aim to take at least 3-4 (or more) playcations. Some are international, some are close to home.

Want to join me on a playcation? This October, I’m hosting a little Naturalita Pacific Northwest Playcation, if you’re ready and interested in attending, you can find more information here: Naturalita PNW Playcation. Sign up by August 31 to explore, learn, connect, play and focus on your health and freedom. Interested? Please contact me here.

Looking to attend your own playcation, but the dates for the next Naturalita Playcation don’t work for you? You can sign up here to get weekly Naturalita Love Notes from me, which also gives you exclusive access to learning when the next Naturalita Playcation will be held (and weekly love notes to your inbox). I’m planning for 2017 now!

When will you take your next playcation?

Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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